We may be entering the peak of local fresh fruit season all across the country, but there’s one imported fruit that I cannot stop buying, by order of my children: mangos. They are obsessed and, well, truth be told, so am I. In fact, right now I’m finding the Ataúlfo variety (the smaller yellow ones; pictured) in my market and they are insanely fragrant, juicy, and as sweet as honey.

So, yes, I’ll be snatching up pints of fresh berries, plums, and melons at my local farmer’s market, but I’ll also keep buying mangos as long as I can find them (especially since they pair well with all of those other fruits). If you’re with me, it’s worth learning how to cut your mango correctly so that you can get every single morsel out of your fruit. It’s easy.

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[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L9XGb-0SiMM]

Watch the video for a quick tutorial on how to cut your mango like a pro. It’s a simple method that yields amazingly perfect cubes. And inverting it is always a dramatic moment that kids love. In fact, this method might even be the way to get a picky eater to try a new fruit.


How to cut a mango so that you can easily pack it in a school or camp lunch | Cool Mom Eats

School or camp lunch packing tip: You know how mango can get slimy when packed in school or camp lunch? Use this method to include it in a way that will keep mango appetizing until lunch time. Just pack a scored half, cut side down, in the lunchbox or another sealed container. The skin will protect the mango and then, at lunchtime, your kid just has to pick up the half, invert it, and eat the mango right from the skin. I do it all the time (see that yellow thing in the upper left corner of my little one’s lunchbox?) and it works!