Chocolate Dipped Ice Cream Cones are the ultimate summer treat—and not just because they’re tasty. These are easy to make—or even to have the kids make—ahead of time or, if you’re having a party, set out all the ingredients and turn this into a party craft for the kids. Then, just scoop and serve.

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With the Fourth of July coming up, I made these using red, white, and blue toppings, but you can make these for any party or even just a fun family dessert using plain or white chocolate, colored candy melts, and any toppings, from chopped nuts to crunchy sea salt, toffee to rainbow sprinkles.

Watch for ideas on how to keep the chocolate smooth (a must!) and also my trick for making sure that ice cream doesn’t drip everywhere once the kids dig into these. Because making them is messy enough!



And one more quick note: If you decide to turn this into a party activity, make sure to set them out early so that there’s time for the chocolate to harden in the freezer before it’s time to serve dessert.