It’s time to get a head start on your meal plan for next week. From a summery corn pasta to the best sheet pan chicken dinner (yes, truly), we’ve got 5 quick and easy weeknight meals that will get you through the week. So grab a pen, make your shopping list, and stock up before the weekend’s over.

Top: The best weeknight chicken dinner at Joy the Baker | Perfect Steak  at Nom Nom Paleo | Grilled Pizza at Cool Mom Eats

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On this week's Cool Mom Eats meal plan: Sweet and Spicy Corn Pasta with Ricotta and Chives at Feed Me Phoebe for #MeatlessMonday

We’re starting off the week, as we always do, with an easy #MeatlessMonday dinner: Sweet and Spicy Corn Pasta With Ricotta and Chives at Feed Me Phoebe. Don’t get scared by spicy—the heat comes from cayenne, which you can reduce or skip all together. Either way, you’re left with a perfect twirl of summer deliciousness.


Joy the Baker calls this her best weeknight chicken dinner, so it has to go on this week's Cool Mom Eats meal plan, right?

Joy the Baker may be best known for her sweet delights, but she had me at the best weeknight chicken dinner. Yup, that’s what she calls this recipe and, if you ask me, we should listen. She knows her stuff. Plus, it’s a sheet pan meal, and we always love those. I’d go with her suggestion to serve this with rice and, if you’re super busy, the peas too. If you have a few extra minutes, though, why not quick sauté zucchini or some other in-season veggie to give this a summery twist?


The Cool Mom Eats weekly meal plan isn't complete this time around without this recipe for the perfect steak from Nom Nom Paleo

 Perfect Steak | Nom Nom Paleo

I don’t know why exactly, but I have been craving steak like crazy and this tutorial on how to cook restaurant-style steak at home is too easy to pass up. So this week, I’m going to grab the best looking steaks the butcher has to offer and cook them up with nothing more than lots of salt and pepper. On the side: a quick salad tossed with my favorite simple vinaigrette and perfectly cooked corn on the cob is all we need.

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How could we not include this Seared Salmon with Cherry and Charred Poblano Salad from An Edible Mosaic on the Cool Mom Eats weekly meal plan. So perfect—and Whole30 and paleo friendly too!

I’ve been inspired by Kristen’s Whole30 diet results and have been experimenting with recipes that fit the diet and will satisfy the whole family for when I go on it myself (you know, after vacation). This Seared Salmon with Fresh Cherry and Charred Poblano Chopped Salad at An Edible Mosaic is a great find: A fresh, delicious, satisfying meal that’s paleo- and Whole30-friendly without seeming like it. For anyone not on either diet, serve this with a side of fluffy, mild-tasting quinoa. (And a glass of wine?)


How to grill pizza. Learn it. Love it. Add it to the weekly meal plan. | Cool Mom Eats

During most of the year, Fridays are pizza night at my house. In the summer, though, I’ve been making it my grill night. This week, I’m going to combine the two and think that you should too. Did you know that grilling pizza is surprisingly fast and easy? Our guide on how to grill pizza will walk you through the steps and comes with recipes for both dough and a simple pizza sauce. Of course, you can use store-bought to keep this even easier. Either way, summer Fridays are in effect!