Just when you thought you couldn’t be more obsessed with crock-pots and instant pots and Neti pots (oh wait), well, now there are mini crock-pots which allow you to take your warm food with you and heat it, slowly, during the day. Isn’t that what you always wanted?

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Well, actually, it you don’t dig the taste of next-day microwaved lasagna, fried rice, you get the idea, then these mini crock-pots are what you always wanted. You can leave the heated base plugged in at your destination, like your office, for example, then just pack up the container with your lunch at home. I’m not sure if you could send your kids to school with one (classroom electrical outlet FTW?), but maybe it’s worth a try if they’re staunchly in the hot lunch camp.

But hey, at $19, it’s not a bad way to treat yourself (or someone you love) with a hot lunch. Plus, the photos of them walking around holding a mini crock-pot = priceless.

You can purchase the mini crock-pots at our affiliate Amazon.com