With every new year comes a new set of fad diets. And just when it seemed like 2017 was sure to be a stinker, along comes The Taco Cleanse, a new cookbook and eating regimen that will have you eating tacos — yes, tacos! — all day, every day.

Have all of your prayers been answered — or is it just me?

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The Taco Cleanse diet: Have all of your prayers been answered (or is it just us?) | Cool Mom Eats

There is major appeal in a taco cleanse. I mean, I love tacos, my kids love tacos, and we all firmly believe that we can happily eat tacos 24-7. But can we really? Or will it get old? Only time will tell, I suppose, and we’re game. If you think that you may be, too, then there are a few things that you should know before going all in.

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Trying to taco cleanse? Here's what you need to know... besides the fact that you'll definitely experience taco coma | Taco Cleanse on Instagram

Taco Coma | Taco Cleanse on Instagram

First, all of the tacos need to be vegan. As in no meat. Game changer? Think hard before you answer.

Second, there is no weight loss guarantee because, apparently, that’s not what this cleanse is about. While this is sure to be fine for the kids, ask yourself if this is fine for you too? I’ll just say that when you’re eating tacos all day and there are no restrictions on what you can drink (*cough* margaritas), you should probably be fine with the prospect of not losing lb’s.

Third, there ARE rules to follow. While you are allowed to turn waffles into tacos (instructions: fold in half), you are not allowed to use sliced bread as a tortilla. So that sandwich: Definitely not a taco. Learn the rule, live the rules, love the rules.

There’s probably more to know, but I say this is enough to gauge your readiness for the taco cleanse.

So are you in? Lets taco bout it.

(Sorry. I had to.)