For parents of families with food allergies, visiting a foreign country can feel like a daunting prospect. But it doesn’t have to. There’s one small item that can make traveling with food allergies less nerve racking: Allergy Translation cards.

Traveling with kids is stressful enough, right? Throw in language barriers, international cuisine, and different understandings of food allergy restrictions and it’s nearly enough to make you avoid going abroad all together. But clear and accurate communication makes all the difference, which is why I love the Allergy Translation cards created by Kyle Dine, a dad with multiple food allergies himself.

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Traveling abroad with food allergies? Allergy translation cards make it way easier -- and safer. | Cool Mom Eats

Allergy Translation allows you to customize a wallet-sized card in one of 43 languages using a database of over 200 allergens and dietary restrictions. You detail the foods you cannot eat in the language of the country you are visiting, print it out (or download it onto your phone), and travel knowing that you can clearly communicate your needs at any eatery.

One less thing to stress about on a family vacation. Genius!

You can customize your own Allergy Translation card at their website for $8. They also offer free photo cards and English cards for local dining out!