Making healthy and delicious food that everyone in your family will love can be a challenge in itself. Add a food allergy to the mix and meal time can be downright overwhelming. As a mom to a kid with peanut and tree-nut allergies, I know. Thankfully, there are some excellent online resources (we try hard to be one) that offer tips, information, and recipes for allergen-free cooking.

These 10 excellent allergen-free food blogs are among my favorites. On them, you’ll find great cooking tips, ingredient swaps, restaurant resources, and of course, recipes that will hopefully make your life easier. Just remember to check each blog and each recipe for the allergens you’re trying to avoid: They don’t all ditch all eight of the most common food allergens.

Top: The Allergy-Friendly Cook | Corn Flake Graham Crackers at Fork and Beans | Devil’s Food Cake at Allyson Kramer | Paleo Chicken Marbella at Tess the Domestic Diva

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Written by a pediatrician and a mom of three, Speedbump Kitchen is a terrific allergy-friendly recipe resources.

Speedbump Kitchen

Written by a pediatrician and a mom of three, Speedbump Kitchen speaks to my love of food and is my favorite go-to for allergy-friendly recipes and resources. Being a food allergy blog, the recipes are all dairy-, egg-, and nut-free, but Meg says that they are not “much about health food. Sugar, chocolate, and bacon are on tap!” I can tell from her Rainbow Surprise Cake, and I’m not mad at it! You’ll find excellent family-friendly meals and treats — lot of treats — as well as great resources for allergy-friendly food swaps. Plus, Meg is funny and real.



Recipes like this soy-, corn-, nut-, gluten-free Devil's Food Cake are what make Allyson Kramer's blog one of our favorites for allergy-friendly cooking | Cool Mom Eats

Allyson Kramer

You’ll find delicious vegan, gluten-free, and many allergy-friendly recipes on this blog, written by Allyson Kramer, a cookbook author and professional food stylist — so expect gorgeous photos along with lots of great recipes for your family. Just be sure to check each recipe, since not every single one is free of the same allergens. That Devil’s Food Cake, though: deliciously corn-, gluten-, nut-, and soy-free.



Written by Kelly Rudnicki — a cookbook author, food allergy advocate, and mom of five (one who has severe food allergies) — Food Allergy Mama features recipes for everyone to enjoy.

Food Allergy Mama

Written by Kelly Rudnicki — a cookbook author, food allergy advocate, and mom of five (one whom has severe food allergies) — Food Allergy Mama features recipes for everyone to enjoy. In fact, Kelly’s mission is to make sure that all of her recipes taste “normal” like their non-allergenic versions. Her knowledge of food allergies and nutrition is excellent, so much so that she was hired to write the food allergy guidelines for the Chefs Move to Schools Chicago, an initiative launched by First Lady Michelle Obama. I love Kelly’s simple and delicious swaps to make food safe for all, like the Allergy-Free Granola pictured above made with a nut-butter alternative and dried fruits.

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Corn Flake Graham Crackers are just one reason why Fork and Beans is one of our favorite allergy-friendly food blogs | Cool Mom Eats

Fork and Beans

I love Fork and Beans for its vegan and gluten-free recipes, many of which are “copycat” kid-favorite snacks, like Cinnamon Teddy Grahams, Gluten-Free Pop Tarts, Gluten-Free Vegan Baked Cheetos (yes, really!), and Corn Flake Graham Crackers (pictured). Alas, many of the recipes are not peanut-and tree-nut free, but Cara still delivers on her mission of “making allergen friendly food fun for the family.”



Kim Lutz, a vegan, cook, author, and recipe developer, shares great allergy-friendly recipes at her blog Welcoming Kitchen.

Welcoming Kitchen

Kim Lutz, a vegan cook, author, and recipe developer, shares great allergy-friendly recipes at her blog Welcoming Kitchen. She does a great job of recreating classic, family-friendly recipes like lasagna, quesadillas, pizza, and cookies that are vegan and free of most of common allergens — and that’s not an easy feat! I like that she tries very hard to use easy to find ingredients and also provides a good resource for allergy-friendly pantry basics, which is a must if you’re just starting to cook allergen-free meals.

At The Pretty Bee, one of our favorite allergy-friendly food blogs, Kelly reworks classics like this Butter Chicken to make cooking fun, even with several food allergies in the family.

The Pretty Bee

After learning that her sons had multiple food allergies, Kelly Roenicke vowed to not let it take away the joy she got from cooking. On her blog, The Pretty Bee, Kelly reworks family-friendly recipes like her Butter Chicken to prove that you can enjoy delicious and easy meals and treats even when cooking for multiple food allergies. One thing to note: While some of Kelly’s recipes are called “nut-free” they include chocolate in the ingredients. She doesn’t specify brands, so if cross-contamination is a concern, make sure to purchase peanut and tree-nut free chocolate.

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Visit The Allergy-Friendly Cook blog for great recipes and tips.

Cybele Pascal: The Allergy-Friendly Cook

After discovering that her son had several food allergies, Cybele Pascal turned her love for cooking and baking into a resource for others. Since then, she has published several allergy-friendly cookbooks and runs The Allergy-Friendly Cook, a great blog that offers tips and tricks to manage all food allergies, plus tons of recipes that are free of the eight major food allergens and gluten.


Gluten Free Frenzy is an excellent food allergy blog that offers recipes, gluten-free food reviews and giveaways, and more for families with gluten allergies or celiac disease.

Gluten Free Frenzy

Founded by Chandice Probst, an avid health food cook and an author, Gluten Free Frenzy offers tons of great recipes, product reviews, gluten-free product giveaways, and other great resources for those with gluten allergies or celiac disease. Consider it a comprehensive guide to cooking and eating gluten-free.



Tessa the Domestic Diva cooks up allergy-friendly fare like this Paleo Chicken Marbella.

Tessa the Domestic Diva

All of the recipes on Tessa the Domestic Diva, an allergy blog written by a mom of three, are gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, and paleo. You’ll find tons of recipes — everything from smoothies to muffins and snacks to main dishes like her healthified classic, Paleo Chicken Marbella — all allergy-friendly, made with whole ingredients, and of course, kid-approved.


 Allergy Eats is an indispensable food allergy blog because it lists menus from over 800,000 restaurants and updates it frequently.

Allergy Eats

Okay, Allergy Eats isn’t a blog with recipes, but I included it because we all have those nights when we want to go out to eat or order delivery. Right? Sadly, eating out is one of the biggest issues a food allergy family faces. At home, you’re in control of what’s in your pantry and kitchen, but when you eat out, you’re putting your trust in someone else’s hands — and that can be scary. That’s why Allergy Eats is an indispensable resource with menus from over 800,000 restaurants, which are updated frequently. You’ll also find tips on when, where, and how to order safe food, and what sorts of things to be on the lookout for. Phew.

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