I’m a long time Martha Stewart fan. She single-handedly set the foundation for my culinary education and, for that alone, I will always love her, though there is so much more including her impeccable taste, nearly flawless recipes, and low-key but unflappable sense of humor. This is, after all, a woman who recently co-hosted a television show with Snoop Dogg.

And all those rumors of her being a tough cookie (to put it gently)? Having met her three times, all I know is that she has been nothing but friendly and gracious to me — if confident in her authority, which I unapologetically buy into. I accept her as the ultimate expert, which is why I couldn’t be more excited about Martha’s latest venture: Martha Stewart Wine Co.

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Martha Stewart Wine Co. is an online wine store that’s stocked with wines curated by Martha and a team who consulted with vintners from around the world, including her personal favorites, that range in price from high to affordable (the price for an individual bottle goes down to $12.49). And as you would expect, the site is impeccably designed and easy to navigate with smart categories that go beyond just redwhite, and rose. Think shopping by pairings, with Martha Stewart recipes served up with suggested bottles, by occasion, and by seasons. Oh, and the wines are said to arrive within three days of your order.

Umm…yes, please.

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The store also offers a wine club that delivers an in-house curated half case (six bottles) or a full case (12 bottles) to your door every six weeks. As in, no thinking, picking, or choosing — they do it all for you. You can even specify if you’d like all red, all white, or a combination of wines.

Honestly, I was sold on the concept alone (I told you that I was a huge fan), but perusing the site has only convinced me even more. I mean, it’s like drinking wine that Martha Stewart and what is surely an impeccable team of buyers have picked just for us. How can it go wrong?

I’ll try it and tell you. Now, if I could only get Martha to show up and drink with me.

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