If you’re like me, you’ve had at least one epic wine spill. You know, the one where you’re at P. Diddy’s white party and you decide to go with the red that night to be super cool, and boom, million dollar carpet in a fancy Hamptons house ruined.

Alright, alright, so I’ve never been to a white party, like ever, but I do like the idea of a spill-proof wine glass for, you know, regular old parties or just, me, alone in my house.

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The Aura Glass is a spill-proof wine glass that’s got a special shape and stainless steel ball making it nearly impossible to knock over. Plus, it does a full 360 degree spin, so you get automatic aeration just by putting your glass down on the counter or table, though these glasses work with beer, booze, even plain old water if you just want to feel extra fancy while getting hydrated.

It’s currently a Kickstarter campaign that’s already almost fully funded, so if you want to get these glasses at a pretty steep discount (with estimated October shipping), head on over to support them. Cheers to no more wine spills. And lots more white parties. Ha.

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