Move over La Croix, there’s a new flavored seltzer taking the world by storm. Polar Seltzer just announced that it’s adding four limited edition flavors to its lineup and they sound magical.


The new flavors launched on August 1st as part of their “Impossibly Good Polar Seltzer” project and include last spring’s limited release, Unicorn Kisses, as well as the new Dragon Whispers, Mermaid Songs, and Yeti Mischief.

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The new mythical limited edition line of flavored seltzers from Polar Seltzer. Magical. Literally. | Cool Mom Eats

According to Boston Magazine, where the writers were able to taste the new flavors (hello Polar Seltzer, raising hand for next round of taste testing), Dragon Whispers hits the palate with a strawberry flavor and finishes with something tropical (“maybe pineapple?”); Yeti Mischief is reminiscent of Hawaiian Punch (which, strangely, super appeals to me); Mermaid Songs reminded them of a cross between two fruity candies; and Unicorn Kisses, well, you’ll have to read their review of that one yourself.

Or just run out and buy every flavor. That is, if you can find it at a retailer near you. These are, after all, limited edition and will be around only as long as supplies last. Yup, just like magic: Here now, gone tomorrow.

Each flavor is sold in six packs of 8-ounce junior cans — perfect for sharing with the kids too.