It’s a unicorn world and we’re just living in it. And Starbucks clearly has seen fit to jump on the trend the same as any Etsy artist (or ahem, website publisher) with its brand new, totally mind-blowing, neon colored, Unicorn Frappuccino drink.

Fear not little ones, it’s not made with real unicorns.

Update: Watch Kristen try the Unicorn Frappuccino with her daughter on Facebook Live! Their commentary is priceless. 

It is however made with a bit of magic, according to Starbucks. And that magic enables the color to change from purple to pink as you stir; while the flavor changes from sweet and fruity (thanks to mango syrup) to tangy and tart (thanks to sour blue syrup and blue powder topping, whatever that may be).

Flavor changing! Unicorn! Frappuccino!

Feel free to insert the eyes wide open surprise emoji face here. Because that’s exactly how my daughter looked when I showed her the photo. Like, spitting image.

The more you stir the Frappuccino, the more Starbucks says it “transforms.”

And if you give it to your child, the more they drink the Frappuccino, the more parents say they will transform into raging, galloping lunatics doing unicorn-on-a-sugar-rush impressions down the sidewalk.

Which is why maybe you should save this one all for yourself.

Sadly, the magic can’t last forever. The Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino is a limited time concoction, available tomorrow April 19 through April 23 in participating North American stores.