I’m interested in anything that helps make breast milk come easier and more, um, abundantly. So when I heard that the new Starbucks Pink Drink is helping moms increase breast milk supply by two to ten times their normal output, I needed to try it myself.

Okay, and also because it’s got coconut, strawberries, and acai berries in it. Yum.

So I headed to my local Starbucks, took one for the team, and pumped a little while later. Did my cups overfloweth?

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The Starbucks Pink Drink: Does it increase breastmilk production? I tried it to find out for myself | Cool Mom Eats

Not really.

When I pumped the night after indulging in a Pink Drink, I got 3.5 ounces, which is only slightly more than my usual 3ish. That said, ordering the Pink Drink helped me avoid my usual afternoon pick-me-up, a cold brew coffee. Its hydrating coconut milk made me feel better than the quick spike and crash (and dehydrating effect) of caffeine.

If you are having trouble with your breast milk supply, consider contacting a lactation consultant and check out our list of lactation-boosting foods. Then make sure you stay well-fed with our handy list of easy-to-hold snacks for breastfeeding moms. And if one of those snacks is a Pink Drink, great. Because why not — and maybe it’ll do more for you than it did for me.

In other words, Pink Drink or not, you do you, nursing moms.