Other than my friends who abstain from drinking all together, Halloween is one of those holidays that has me and my fellow parents sipping on something to get us through. Plus, Halloween cocktails are so fun — but, oh, the extra calories. This year, I’ve found skinny Halloween cocktail recipes to serve at our Halloween gathering, because with all that cash I’ve dropped on costumes and candy, new jeans aren’t in the budget. And anyway, fewer calories in my cocktail means more Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups too.

That’s how it works, right?

Top: Witch’s Heart cocktail | The Flavor Bender

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Skinny Halloween cocktails: Poisoned Apple Cider cocktail at The 5 O'Clock Chef

Look at that mesmerizing swirl of edible gold dust in this Poisoned Apple Cider Cocktail at The 5 O’Clock Chef: irresistible! At 108 calories per serving, this qualifies as low-calorie to me, but you can always switch to sugar free juice if you prefer. The recipe also includes a mocktail version, since your kids will probably be begging for a sip.


Skinny Halloween cocktails: The Witch's Heart at The Flavor Bender

To cut the calories in this impressive Witch’s Heart Cocktail at The Flavor Bender, follow her tips for making the drink with sparkling white wine instead of apple brandy. To save even more calories, choose a low-cal or low-carb moscato, like the one by Skinny Girl.


Skinny Halloween cocktails: Pumpkin Spice Kombucha Cocktail at The Speckled Palate

If you’re looking for a cocktail with a healthy twist, try this Pumpkin Spice Kombucha cocktail at The Speckled Palate. You don’t need to be a bartender to pull this one off, and it’s easy to turn into a mocktail by subbing a can of your favorite LaCroix instead of the Prosecco. I think apricot would taste amazing.

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Skinny Halloween cocktails: Candy Corn Gin cocktail at Coffee & Crayons

This Candy Corn Gin cocktail at Coffee & Crayons is just 150 calories, leaving you plenty of room to consume all the actual candy corn you want. (Because, side note, have you tried Cookie Candy Corn yet?!) Jessica also gives some tips for how to safely get the smoky effect with dry ice.


Skinny Halloween Cocktails: Caramel Apple Cider at The Cookie Rookie

Sipping a mug of hot apple cider while my kids trick-or-treat is my favorite, so I was excited to find this Skinny Slow Cooker Caramel Apple Cider recipe at The Cookie Rookie. You can make it virgin or alcoholic, depending on your guest list. For me, the caramel might be all the kick I need.