I love a good holiday treat like the next person, but finding time to help the kids make classroom treats and also make something for them and my guy leaves me pretty tired and stressed… not a sexy look for Valentine’s Day. Ha!

So this year I’m going to keep it easy with these simple and totally delicious Nutella Heart Puff Pastry Tarts that make a mouthwatering splurge for the kids, my guy, and me too. One kitchen effort, everyone spoiled and well fed. As it should be, especially on a day when chocolate is good, but hugs and snuggling is better.

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Easiest 3-Ingredient Nutella Heart Tarts for Valentine's Day: a quick and delicious treat that's easy to make for the whole family. | Cool Mom Eats

To make these these puff pastry tarts, you’ll need only three things. (How sexy is that?!)

1. Store-bought puff pastry (one of my absolute favorite supermarket shortcuts)
2. Nutella (see my note below if you’d rather a fruity filling or want this to be all pink and red, because Valentine’s Day)
3. Fresh strawberries

You’ll also need a heart-shaped cookie cutter; two — one big and one smaller — if you already have them. If you don’t, no worries. I show how to use a butter knife instead of the second, smaller cookie cutter in the video.


Start by thawing the puff pastry so that you can unfold it and press on it lightly so that the surface is even. Then, using a large heart-shaped cookie cutter, cut out as many hearts as you want treats. To make an edge, press inside each heart with a smaller heart-shaped cookie cutter or watch the video for how I use a butter knife instead.

Spread the Nutella inside the heart, being careful not to bleed into the edge you’ve created. If you’d rather a fruity or pink-colored filling, you can use raspberry or strawberry jam mixed into whipped cream cheese instead.

To prep the berries (you’ll need two to three per tart), use a paring knife to remove the hull and slice each one laterally, from the top to the tip, so that you get almost heart-shaped slices. Place the slices over the Nutella filling and bake according to the puff pastry box instructions. The puff pastry edge should look golden brown when done; don’t worry if you have to bake a few minutes longer than indicated on the box. If you’re fancy, sprinkle these with powdered sugar right before serving.

That’s it! These make a festive Valentine’s Day breakfast, snack, or dessert that feels fun for the kids and just a little indulgent and sophisticated-enough for the grown-ups. Perfect.