My kids’ classroom Valentine’s Day parties are looming, and it’s time to start thinking about those sweet treats I signed up to bring. I’m setting my goals higher than just grabbing store-bought cookies this year, but not so high that I totally stress out. Which is why I’m so happy to have found 12 really fun Valentine’s Day treats for the classroom that are super easy to make. Phew.

Top: Tic-Tac-Toe Snack | Sippy Cup Mom

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Valentine's Day classroom treats: Ombre sugar cookies at Alice and Lois

Some simple iced sugar cookies are perfect for a class party, and these gorgeous ombre Valentine Sugar Cookies at Alice and Lois kick them up a notch without any extra work. Just start with a light shade of pink frosting, ice a few cookies, add a few more drops of coloring to the frosting, ice a few more cookies, add more color, and so on. And, hey, nobody will be the wiser if you start with store-bought sugar cookie dough.


Valentine's Day classroom treats: Candy Heart Teddy Bears at Hello Wonderful

Adorable! These Teddy Grahams holding Candy Hearts at Hello Wonderful will get a resounding Awwww! from the kids when you deliver them on Valentine’s Day. And wait until you see how easy these are to put together.


Valentine's Day classroom treats: S'mores Snack Mix at A Night Owl

Buy the ingredients for this S’mores Snack Mix recipe at A Night Owl and let your kids make it themselves. You know, while you eat bonbons in a bubble bath. Ha!

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Valentine's Day classroom treats: Heart-shaped Pretzels at The Semisweet Sisters

If you’re looking for a salty snack to bring to the classroom instead of more sweets, these Heart-Shaped Soft Pretzels at The Semisweet Sisters are perfect. I’d make them about half the size for a class party, but either way, they’re easier to make than it might seem. And, shhh, store-bought crescent dough can make them even easier.


Valentine's Day classroom treats: Tic Tac Toe graham crackers at Sippy Cup Mom

Win big this Valentine’s Day by bringing in snacks and a game — it’s easy with this all-in-one Valentine’s Day Tic-Tac-Toe Snack at Sippy Cup Mom (above & top). If you think that the board is made with frosting that’s bound to get messy, think again. Melissa is way smarter than that.


Valentine's Day classroom treats: Heart-shaped Pizzas at Sarah Hearts

If your kid’s classroom party happens at lunchtime and you’ve been asked to contribute to the spread, you have to check out these  Heart-Shaped Pizzas at Sarah Hearts. Perfect, right?! And her tip for the pizza crust makes these incredibly easy.

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Valentine's Day classroom treats: Heart-shaped beets at The Art of Doing Stuff

My kids would think these Heart-Shaped Beets at The Art of Doing Stuff are about the meanest thing I could bring to their class party, but if yours love their veggies — or your school has incredibly strict rules about classroom snacks — go for it. You can also make them using strawberries or red peppers, which would work nicely for a Valentine’s Day lunch spread.


Valentine's Day classroom treats: Oreo Pops at Happiness is Handmade

Okay, back to the sweets! Dipping Oreos in chocolate is one of the easiest — and tastiest — treats you can make, so check out Heidi’s tips for how to make perfect Valentine’s Day Oreo Pops at Happiness is Homemade. These will be a massive hit at any class party, I guarantee it.


Valentine's Day classroom treats: Emoji Oreos at Dorky's Deals

If you have older kids or maybe kids who are, uh, too cool for pink hearts (psh!), try these Emoji Valentine Oreos at Dorky’s Deals. They are much easier to make than they look, and you know the kids will absolutely love them. Or, expanding-heart them.

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Valentine's Day classroom treats: Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Rods at Love from the Oven

The colors on these Chocolate-Dipped Pretzel Rods at Love from the Oven are gorgeous, and they’re so simple to make. Especially if you have the kids help: They can dip and sprinkle while you supervise. Just make sure to have them watch the video first so that they know what they’re doing and can at least try to keep from making a humongous mess.


Valentine's Day classroom treats: Butter Spritz cookies at If You Give a Blonde a Kitchen

Spritz cookies are my go-to during the winter holidays because it’s so fast and easy to make a ton of them at once. So how have I never thought of making Valentine’s Day Butter Spritz Cookies? This recipe at If You Give a Blonde a Kitchen is both delicious and totally brilliant.


Valentine's Day classroom treats: Chocolate Pretzels at The Paper Piñata

Cutest Chocolate Covered Pretzels | The Paper Piñata

The chocolate-covered pretzels that we found at The Paper Piñata while searching for easy homemade Valentine’s Day treats for kids last year are what you make when it’s 9:00 pm and you realize, OMG, Valentine’s Day is tomorrow! Sweet-and-salty makes everyone happy, plus these look like you spent hours on them. Disaster averted.