I’m so happy that Valentine’s Day falls on a weekend this year. I can love on my kids all day, then head out the door for a guilt-free date night with my husband in the evening. I’m thinking we’ll whip up a batch of these delicious-looking pink velvet pancakes for breakfast, and make one of these 6 Valentine’s Day lunch ideas in the afternoon. They’re all easy, made of my kids’ favorite foods (hello, pizza and hummus!), and of course, heart-shaped. And we all know food cut into fun shapes tastes so much yummier.

Top: Heart-shaped Pepperoni Pizzas | Melodrama

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A fresh V-Day twist on our kids' favorite junk-food snack: Fried Mozzarella Hearts at Hungry Happenings

My kids recently discovered fried cheese and they’re in love. These homemade Fried Cheese Hearts make a really yummy (and hearty, ha!) add-on to a plate of veggies and fruit or bowl of soup. Find out how to make them, and that delicious spicy dip, at Hungry Happenings.


We love carbs, and so do our kids, which makes these Heart-Shaped Soft Pretzels at My Name is Snickerdoodle perfect for Valentine's Day lunch with a hot dog or grilled chicken fingers.

Make these Heart-Shaped Pretzels as small as you like, thanks to the instructions at My Name is Snickerdoodle, so that your kids don’t overload on carbs. (And have the kids help make them, too. Activity points!) Then serve these pretzels with grilled chicken tenders and a dipping sauce, with strawberries sliced to look like hearts on the side. Lunch is served!


See, even veggies can be fun on Valentine's Day: Red Pepper Hearts and Roasted Pepper Hummus | A Spicy Perspective

I plan to hold off on the sugar overload until after lunch — and maybe even until the babysitter arrives, ha. Whole wheat toast or a bagel with the protein-rich, veggie-packed Roasted Red Pepper Dip I found at A Spicy Perspective should tide them over. Plus, they may not even notice that pepper is a vegetable when it’s served in this fun heart shape.

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A healthy Valentine's meal for kids, on a day filled with sugar: Heart-shaped Insalata Caprese | Oh My Dish

Yes, my kids actually like tomatoes and mozzarella, especially when I serve it as this fun Insalata Caprese with heart-shaped mozzarella. Be sure to click through for helpful instructions at Oh My Dish. If you have doubts that yours will like it, too, try serving it on skewers, which works great for us.


The way to our kids' hearts is pizza, specifically these mini heart shaped pizzas at Melodrama

If pizza is the way to your kid’s heart, try this Heart-shaped Pepperoni Pizza at Melodrama (also, photo at top) to really show your love. I love her tips for making sure the crust stays crispy and doesn’t stick to the pan. For even more fun, set out the ingredients and let kids make their own. Family memories may be a nice substitute for date night out, right?


Spare them the lovey-dovey hearts and serve up X & O grilled cheese and tomato soup instead, with this tutorial at Target.

If your kids are rolling their eyes at all the hearts on Valentine’s Day, I love the idea to serve up this clever, but not too fussy X & O Grilled Cheese with Tomato Soup idea from the Target blog. (Who knew?) Click through to find out all the yum ingredients they’ve stuffed in their grilled cheese. This is easy and so much fun.