Lucky Charms has always been my kids’ favorite “vacation cereal” — as in, when we’re on vacation, grabbing the free breakfast at the hotel, those tiny boxes of Lucky Charms are staples at the table next to my hard boiled eggs and fourth cup of coffee. But now that General Mills has added unicorn marshmallows to Lucky Charms, I may have to partake in the magical deliciousness.

Yes, unicorn marshmallows!

It’s so clever, it’s almost a what took you so long? kind of product change. But I can’t think of anything more perfect to go with those pink hearts, blue moons, purple horseshoes, green clovers, and multicolored rainbows.

And it will certainly make all of our Lucky Charms St. Patrick’s Day recipes a lot more fun next month.

Lucky Charms introduces unicorn marshmallows, bumping the hourglass out of commission | Cool Mom Eats

In case you’re wondering, the unicorn marshmallow is bumping out the boring hourglass marshmallow, which, eh. I don’t have a lot of love for the hourglass, do you?

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Another fun fact: did you know that each of the charms is supposed to represent a different kind of magical power? (Seriously, am I the last to know this?) Like blue moons represent the power of invisibility, and the orange shooting stars represent the power to fly.

The hourglass represented “the power to speed things up,” which, come to think of it, is something that all parents really can use each morning. So who knows, maybe the unicorn will do that for us — only with a little more sparkle and a little more retro-cool pop culture cred.

Photos: General Mills’ Lucky Charms on Instagram

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