It’s T-minus almost no days until Easter, which means I’ve been searching for recipes for Easter cookies! But not just any Easter cookies — the kinds my kids can make all by themselves. (Well, with just a little help from me.)

See, my kids have a very sensitive radar for those moments when I’m about to make something fun in the kitchen, and they come flocking in to “help.” So I figure, why not just hand over the mixing bowl and wooden spoon altogether?

From no-bake cookie recipes my preschooler can decorate, to slightly fancier designs I can prep and then let my tween run with, these are some of my favorite Easter cookie recipes for kids right now.

At top: Bird’s Nest cookies | Savory Nothings

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Easter cookies kids can make: Easter blossom cookies at Crayons and Cravings

While my 3-year-old naps or is off at preschool, I’d get all the supplies ready for these Easter blossom cookies at Crayons and Cravings, then let her help with the final stages — rolling the sugar dough in colored sugar, then topping with the chocolate. Yeah, it’ll be messy. But she’ll love it.

Easter cookies kids can make: Easter Blondies at Averie Cooks

For that 8- or 9-year-old kid who is starting to develop some skills in the kitchen and wants to make an impressive dessert to show off to the family at brunch, give them this Easter egg blondies recipe from Averie Cooks. In reality, kids are just measuring and mixing, but the result is delicious — and I’d say pretty impressive for a kid-made dessert!

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Easter cookies kids can make: No bake bird's nest cookies at Savory Nothings

No bake cookies are the best when you’re working with toddlers, who aren’t known for their patience in the kitchen. These Bird’s Nest cookies at Savory Nothings just require mixing and arranging, and they’re a perfect Easter sugar cookie recipe alternative. I love Nora’s self-aware TL;DR section of the recipe, which offers a very quick breakdown of jobs for parents and kids to do. Including the note that the child gets just one cookie to taste when you’re finished. It’s in the recipe, so those are the rules, kids.

Easter cookies kids can make: Rice Krispie birds nests at Simply Stacie

Instead of Easter cookies, how about an Easter twist on Rice Krispie treats? You’ll need those little kid-sized fingers to hollow them out in this recipe for Rice Krispie Easter nests thanks to Simply Stacie. This one is ideal for elementary-age kids, because it has multiple steps — making the Rice Krispie treat mix, coloring the coconut, then assembling it all. They’ll feel like they’re making an Easter treat worthy of a kid cooking show contest, and yet, it’s really pretty basic.

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Easter cookies kids can make: Funfetti Fudge at Sugar Salt Magic

Another Easter cookie alternative for kids to make: This springy, colorful, Funfetti fudge recipe at Sugar Salt Magic. I mean, you can eat it with your hands…and there’s no way we can stop at just one. This one involves cooking over heat, so you’ll want to be sure your kids know how to be safe around the stovetop. As for younger kids, they can take their turn later, adding in the sprinkles and chocolate Cadbury eggs. Yay, teamwork!

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Easter cookies kids can make: Easter basket cookies at A Baker's House

These Easter basket cookies at A Baker’s House look really impressive, but if you have a tween who’s obsessed with baking, like my ten year old is, then they can probably pull this off…thanks to Holly’s step-by-step photo instructions. And if it turns into a massive fail, eh. Whatever. Just get your knife out and spread that icing all over the cookie. It’ll still taste yummy and I bet kids will be just as proud of the results.