Instead of going all-out with a fancy layer cake this year for Easter dessert, I’m planning on getting my kids to help me decorate some cute cupcakes instead. With everything else going on in the kitchen Easter weekend, I don’t want anything too complicated, so I’ve found 9 easy Easter cupcake recipes that will still wow everyone.

Photo: Lamb pull-apart cupcake cake from Cooking with Carlee.

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This post has been updated for 2023.

My kids love pull-apart cakes, and this little lamb pull-apart cupcake cake from Cooking with Carlee (shown at top) would be the cutest star of the Easter dessert table. Just follow her assembly instructions which make this look totally doable even for us novice bakers.

Cute Easter nest cupcake recipe from Amanda's Cookin' makes a nice addition to your dessert table.

These clever Easter egg nest cupcakes from Amanda’s Cookin‘ aren’t too hard for older kids to handle on their own, especially if they already know their way around the kitchen. Or give each child a different “task” to do—like coloring the Easter “grass” or placing the eggs in their nest—and these will be ready in a jiffy.

No gluten, no problem with these sweet gluten-free Easter chick cupcakes from Gluten Free on a Shoestring.

Our gluten-free bunnies deserve adorable and safe treats too which is why we love these Gluten-free Easter chick cupcakes from Gluten Free on a Shoestring. Really young kids can help roll chick shapes while your older kids can help with baking and assembly. Love Easter treats that are safer for our kids with food allergies!

Can you find the hidden Easter eggs in these cupcakes from In Katrina's Kitchen?

Kids can practice their egg-finding skills with these simple Easter egg hunt cupcakes from In Katrina’s Kitchen. Check out her tutorial for getting that grass to stand up so perfectly.

These pretty chocolate Easter cupcakes from Ritzy Mom are hiding a delicious secret inside.

Run, don’t walk, to the Cadbury Creme Egg-inspired Easter cupcake recipe from Ritzy Mom and see what is hidden inside these decadent chocolate cupcakes. Filling the cupcakes isn’t nearly as hard as you might think, and they’re totally worth the payoff when you bite into them. Be sure to check out Sarita’s tips about using UK chocolates vs US versions, and how they differ.

Make these Easter bunny cupcakes with the recipe from Ruffles and Rainboots.

Ruffles and Rainbows offers up easy, step-by-step instructions to create these pink-eared Easter bunny cupcakes. Follow her delicious cupcake recipe (doubled!) or use a boxed mix to save time. The decorations won’t take you too long to do at all.

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Love these vegan and gluten-free Easter bunny cupcakes from Fork and Beans.

Our vegan, gluten-free kiddos will hop all over these Easter Bunny cupcakes from Fork and Beans. Love the use of a vegan chocolate bunny to complete the decoration (grab some allergen-free Easter treats here) but take a few minutes to make her teeny tiny little carrots sprinkles (also vegan!) which are worth a few extra minutes to complete. Or, grab a pack of these allegen-free carrot sprinkles from Cool Mom Sprinkles—no relation to Cool Mom Picks, ha.

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Use jewel-toned Jelly Belly jelly beans to decorate Easter cupcakes.

Photo: Jelly Belly

If you have super creative kids, grab them these pretty jewel-toned Jelly Belly jelly beans and send them to Parties for Pennies to see how they used these little beans to create the most gorgeous floral-inspired Easter cupcakes. The finished product is lovely when all together on a platter. (Hint: This could be a great pre-dinner activity for the kids to do to keep them occupied as the bunny hides the eggs.)

Easy Easter cupcake recipes: Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting at Lovely Little Kitchen

I always crave carrot cake at Easter, and these easy carrot cake Easter cupcakes from Lovely Little Kitchen are so pretty. The decorating is minimal, other than the simple white-chocolate Easter bunnies on top, and you can even buy some and cheat. I think that if you can work a piping bag, even just a little bit, then you can pull these off with no problems. And the results will be so worth it!