Along with a few non-candy Easter basket gifts, most kids expect that the Easter Bunny will deliver chocolates and candies on Easter Sunday. But if you’re the parent of a child with food allergies (dairy and egg here!), delivering on Easter Bunny expectations can be tricky. Thankfully, there are so many great allergen-free candy choices out there that you can order online, or hop, hop, hop over to your local shop to gather.

Or, you know, ask the Easter Bunny to grab for your kids’ baskets.

One note: Please triple check all ingredients and manufacturing info before making your purchases. As you know, recipes and ingredients can change; we’ve also not filtered these candies for less-common allergens like corn or sesame (though some companies do avoid these as well). Some picks below may be peanut-and-or-nut free, but not dairy free (and vice versa). But, if you have been dealing with food allergies for a while, we know you’re used to reading these labels carefully because our kids are counting on us to do so.

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This post has been revised and updated for 2023.

Cool Mom Picks' rounds up the best allergen-free Easter candy for 2023 Easter baskets.

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Yum Earth's allergy-free Easter candy assortment makes filling baskets easy.


Totally free of all major allergens, Yum Earth’s Easter Variety Box is perfect when you have a few baskets to fill or will be sending in treats to your kid’s classroom. Love this holiday mix of gummy bunnies, lollipops, and jelly beans which also happen to be 100% organic and free of artificial colors.

Yum Earth's Choco Yums Cake Bites kit makes a great allergen-free for your kids' Easter baskets.

And, new this year, Yum Earth’s Choco Yums Cake Bites Kit can either be made ahead and wrapped as basket treats, or let your older kids make them while they wait for Easter dinner to appear on the table. And wouldn’t these look cute pressed into egg shapes? A bit splurgy but knowing that these are free from peanuts, gluten, tree nuts, milk, eggs, soy, sesame, high fructose corn syrup, artificial dyes, and are gluten free and vegan? Priceless.

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All-natural and allergy-free Easter candy from No Whey Foods like these Chocolatey Mini Cream V'eggs.


Just looking at these give me a sugar rush, but my kids would love to get a bunch of these cream-filled mini chocolate V’eggs from No Whey Foods. Made without dairy, tree-and-peanuts, gluten, or soy, these egg treats are packed by the dozen, of course. I also love their creatively named PeaNOT V’eggs which are filled with sweet sunflower seed butter instead of traditional peanut butter.

If you have kids with nut allergies, Vermont Nut Free has lots of Easter candy for their baskets.

As the name suggests, Vermont Nut Free’s excellent Easter chocolates and candy come from a peanut- and tree-nut-free facility, making them a super-safe choice for our kids with nut allergies. From 10-oz solid chocolate bunnies, to jelly beans, to cream filled eggs, and even jam-packed baskets filled with treats all ready to open on Easter Sunday, you can feel confident that your picks won’t have hidden nuts. But hurry and order by 3/31 for Easter delivery!

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Enjoy Life's nut-free and dairy-free chocolates for Easter are free of all major allergens.

Love the cute packaging on the trio of Enjoy Life’s allergen-free Easter chocolate packs.which include dark chocolate, ricemilk chocolate, and ricemilk crunch chocolates. And since they are free of 14 common allergens (including added sulfites) and are gluten-free, a lot of little bunnies can enjoy these treats safely.


Lake Champlain's Oat Milk bunny is a delicious Easter treat for kids who can't eat dairy.


Lake Champlain Chocolate’s Classic Oat Milk Bunny is the perfect Easter basket treat for kids who love the taste of milk chocolate but can’t have dairy. These solid bunnies are about 5″ tall. If your kids prefer dark chocolate, take a look at these brightly wrapped vegan organic dark chocolate carrots. (also available direct from Lake Champlain Chocolates)

Zotter's vegan Easter chocolate bars are a great choice for a teen's Easter basket.

If your teens are a bit over the cutesy Easter bunny, check out Austrian-made Zotter’s dare-I-say edgy Easter chocolate bars that also happen to be vegan too. Though, take note that the Spring Greetings bar also contains soy and coconut.

Sjaak's splurgy vegan MELK chocolate bunny is stuffed with gummies.

Gourmet chocolatier Sjaak’s entire line of “melk” chocolates combine rice milk powder and cocoa to make lots of delicious organic Easter treats like this crazy-looking bunny stuffed with vegan gummy bears. Please be aware that this bunny does have added almond, while other options by Sjaak’s may include coconut, and even peanut butter. But, psst: If you’re looking for a dairy-free white chocolate Easter treat, take a look at these cute little chocolate bunny pops.