I’ve had to navigate the world of food allergies with my kids for almost two decades, but not eating eggs and dairy seems like a walk in the park compared to some families whose kids have to avoid eating all major food allergens to be safe and healthy. And that can make something as sweet as a celebratory birthday cake an incredibly stressful and potentially harmful dessert to serve.

But just because your child is on a gluten-wheat-dairy-eggs-nuts-corn-soy-free diet (or any combination of these ingredients) that doesn’t mean they can’t still have a birthday cake as glorious and sweet as they are. It just means you may need to consider options outside of the standard “cake with buttercream” centerpiece.

So I’ve pulled together several allergy-free birthday cake ideas for kids that don’t include any of the standard food allergens. Please note that some ideas may contain an additive or ingredient that your birthday child is avoiding, so please consider that before diving into a recipe or making a purchase. But we probably don’t need to tell you that: we know that you’re already a pro at reading food labels and will triple check everything.

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Top Image: Handmade watermelon and fruit cakes from Buona Pappa

Floss Cotton Candy Birthday Cake

Floss's Cotton Candy cake makes a great allergen-free birthday party treat

I’ve never wanted my kids to feel like they’re missing out because of their food allergies, and here’s one unique cake that will definitely be the envy of all. Made of just colorful spun sugar, this Unicorn Magic Cake by Floss is the most beautiful rainbow-hued concoction. There will be some VERY happy, sticky-fingered party guests.

Made of only cotton candy, this is so spectacular and fluffy, it’d be the best birthday sugar rush ever. Keep in mind that cotton candy can be a bit finicky in humidity, so expedite shipping if possible and watch delivery dates so you can get this beauty into cooler air and not sitting all day on your front steps in the heat.

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Allergy-Free Jelly Fruit Birthday Cake

Coloful rainbow jelly allergy-free birthday cake recipe by Bernadette Field Dodgson

Once seen as such a 70’s throwback, the humble jello mold creates a pretty amazing allergy-free birthday cake when it’s carefully assembled to be a Rainbow Striped Jelly Fruit Cake from Bernadette Field-Dodgson. This wiggly treat includes whipped coconut between the layers to add a little creaminess. And this recipe uses agar agar powder instead of gelatin, so it’s vegan as well if you don’t eat animal products.

This elegant raindrop cake from Christie at Home makes a lovely allergy-free birthday cake

Or check out this elegant Japanese Strawberry Raindrop Cake recipe from Christie at Home—my older teens would feel very special and on-trend with this on the plate in front of them.

This mildly sweet but majorly lovely diminutive dessert calls for only four ingredients and is vegan as well. If strawberries aren’t on the birthday child’s safe food list, feel free to swap it for another fruit that is well-tolerated, but remember to pat dry before adding the liquid.

Three-tiered Fruit Birthday Cake

Buona Pappa makes it easy to make their allergy-free animal fruit birthday cake

With a cookie cutter, some wooden skewers and a big imagination, we love how many ways you can turn fruit into a stunner of a birthday cake. This tiered Animal Watermelon Cake from Buona Pappa is perfect for little kids with its tiny circus animal decorations circling the layers. Celebrating a tween or older child? Switch out the animals shapes for hearts and butterflies (as shown at top).

This idea can easily be downsized for a smaller guest list and is super flexible in case there are some fruits you are avoiding (or to skip ones the birthday child doesn’t like!)

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No Egg Pavlova Birthday Cake

Aquafaba creates a beautiful allergy-free pavlova birthday cake with this recipe from Veggielicious

Our own Kate introduced me to the magic of aquafaba (also known by its less-enticing name: chickpea liquid) which is an absolutely genius substitute for egg whites when you want to whip up meringues. And this Vegan Aquafaba Pavlova with Coconut Cream and Berries from Veggielicious is like one giant meringue topped with creamy coconut milk and fruit. Avoiding coconut? Just leave it out!

I love that you could easily make individual versions if you want each guest to have their own, or one large one to sing around at the table. Just keep in mind that you should wait to assemble everything until you are ready to serve so that the moisture from the fruit doesn’t soak the light, crispy shell.

Allergy Free Krispie Rice Birthday Cake

This allergy-free rice krispie treat birthday cake is easy to create with this recipe from Allergylicious

With just a few adjustments, you can create a traditional-shaped birthday cake like this Rice Krispie Treat Birthday Cake from Allergylicious. Their recipe uses brown rice cereal, marshmallows (vegan if avoiding animal products), and a butter substitute (check for one free of any of the major allergens), along with a sugary icing for decorations.

This Monique Lhuiller scalloped white cake stand at Pottery Barn shows off a birthday cake beautifully

The end result looks so pretty on a white cake stand like this scalloped Monique Lhuillier cake stand at Pottery Barn. Just add a candle and start singing!

Giant Dum Dums Birthday Cake

Create an allergy-free birthday cake using Dum Dum lollipops with Stephanie Lynn's instructions

Whoa! Created entirely of Dum Dums and some craft supplies like foam pieces from Michaels, this Dum Dums Lollipop Cake from By Stephanie Lynn is a stunner and can be assembled days in advance. Many of us who parent kids with food allergies know that Dum Dums are safe treats for most kids, though be sure to double check the ingredient list to be sure.

I love how this looks as a three-tier cake though you could cut out a layer or two if you aren’t quite ready for the sugar high this many lollipops will provoke in your birthday child and their guests. Her instructions will let you know how many pops she used so that you can order plenty, and the detailed instructions are super helpful.

And with a cake with this many lollipops on it, every child can get at least a few of their favorite flavor with a few to take home as well. Cake and party favor in one? Now, that’s something to celebrate!