It’s peak tomato season and luckily for my family, this fruit is one of our favorite vegetables. If you’re wondering what to do with a pint of juicy cherry tomatoes right now, I can help!

Whether you’re  growing your own (lucky you!), scooping up a perfect pint from the farmer’s market, or checking for local tomatoes at the store — I can’t get enough of yellow Sungolds right now — these 5 ideas should help. From a no-cook salad to a quick sauté, dinners made with cherry tomatoes come together in a snap, making them perfect for your weekly meal plan now through next month.

PS Never refrigerate your tomatoes! They’ll lose everything that’s wonderful about them. Plus, they look so beautiful on your counter right now while they’re waiting to be devoured.

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Family-friendly dinners made with cherry tomatoes: Chicken Milanese at Coley Cooks

Chicken Milanese

A classic summer meal that works year round is Chicken Milanese: a breaded chicken cutlet topped with a bright, lemony salad (yes, it’s that simple). And the Chicken Milanese recipe from Coley Cooks is a fantastic place to start.

Parents, take note — regardless of what professional chefs say, you can certainly use store-bought breaded chicken breasts for a weeknight shortcut. My family loves the antibiotic-free Bell & Evans breaded chicken breasts found in the freezer section. That said, for a healthier and less expensive alternative, I simply pound my own chicken breasts and quickly sear in a sauté or grill pan then top with the salad.


Deliciously simple dinners made with cherry tomatoes: Pasta with Burst Tomatoes | Jane Sweeney

Pasta with Burst Cherry Tomatoes (and whatever else you want!)

Over the years, I’ve made numerous versions of this Pasta with 15-Minute Burst Cherry Tomato Sauce from Epicurious, which I’ve also featured in my list of my favorite super-fast pasta recipes. Sometimes I add herbs, olives or artichokes, sometimes I add nothing but the tomatoes and cheese. It’s always a hit.


Deliciously simple dinners made with cherry tomatoes: Pan Seared Halibut with Rosemary Tomatoes and White Beans | Recipe Runner

Pan Seared Halibut with Rosemary Tomatoes and White Beans

The Pan Seared Halibut with Rosemary Tomatoes and White Beans from Recipe Runner can be made in one-skillet with minimal prep. The rustic preparation of white beans, herbs and tomatoes can be made with whatever fish you like (cook according to thickness) and you can even add chopped spinach for a boost of healthy greens. Lovely way to make use of that pint of perfect cherry tomatoes on your countertop!

Crowd-pleasing dinners made with cherry tomatoes: Mediterranean Orzo Salad at Jo Cooks

Mediterranean Orzo Salad

Flavor-packed Mediterranean Orzo Salad from Jo Cooks is the kind of welcome meal that does double duty: it works as nicely as tonight’s dinner as it does tomorrow’s lunch. I always make extra pasta when I make it at all, so I’m keeping this fabulous recipe in my back pocket for extra busy workdays where I can use leftover orzo.

Also, keep it in mind when you’re thinking back-to-school lunch ideas, parents!


Deliciously simple dinners made with cherry tomatoes: Caprese Chicken | The Novice Chef

Caprese Chicken With Garlic Cherry Tomatoes

People can’t seem to get enough of the caprese flavors and I’m not one to argue. Jessica’s dreamy 30 minute Caprese Chicken with Garlic Cherry Tomatoes at her site, The Novice Chef, may become your new family favorite. With just a handful of ingredients, you’ve got a wholesome, one-pan (yes!)  dinner that works beautifully on its own, or can be bulked up and served with bread, pasta or other grain – although I’m guessing you won’t need it.