At Cool Mom Eats, we talk a lot about how to feed our picky eaters, which is a huge source of stress for parents with kids of all ages. So I was excited to learn about the Flavorbaby app, created by a mom-and-dad team to help guide new parents in developing their babies’ and toddlers’ taste buds. And maybe even help stem off some picky eating habits before they start

Who else is intrigued?

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Flavorbaby asks parents to select one vegetable from each day’s designated flavor category — sweet, earthy & grassy, butter & mild, or spicy & bitter — to feed to your kid. (Or yourself, if you’re pregnant.) The app offers a rotating schedule with the aim of helping you to introduce your child to foods from each category that day.

I tried Flavorbaby for a few days, and the app did help me realize that even though I had been feeding my son different vegetables, most of them had been in the same one or two flavor categories.

To help me fix that, the app offers kid-friendly recipe ideas that incorporate veggies in some of the trickier categories, like bok choy and broccoli rabe. Great for developing palates, and also great for parents who are tired with the same carrots and sweet potatoes.

The Flavorbaby app gives parents help getting kids to try new foods | cool mom eats

The Flavorbaby app gives parents help getting kids to try new foods


Overall, I really appreciate that the app is realistic for busy parents, because I just don’t have the time (or inclination) to boil and puree a farmer’s market worth of fresh produce every night — though kudos to you.

Flavorbaby remind parents that we just have to expose our little ones to one new veggie here and there and helps make that easier and a little more fun. It may not get rid of your picky eater problems altogether, but it could help you change things up, one serving of bok choy at a time.

You can download the Flavorbaby app for iPhone at the App Store or sign up on the Flavorbaby app website for notifications about the Android launch.