With Hanukkah coming up, that means Hanukkah parties! And Hanukkah gifts! And Hanukkah food! Basically, three of my favorite things, all combined in these fun ideas for Hanukkah hostess food gifts for your favorite foodie.

From traditional ideas to traditional ideas with a modern twist, hopefully you’ll find the perfect reason among these Hanukkah food gift ideas not to show up empty-handed.

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– All links and prices updated for 2019 –

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Hanukkah Hostess Food Gifts: Gelt Trip Chocolates at Mouth

Gelt Trip Chocolates 
$7.50/bag, Mouth

One bag will do. Or wait, not really.

Hanukkah Hostess Food Gifts: Dean and Deluca Chocolate Babka

Dean and Deluca Chocolate Babka
2 loafs for $28, Dean and Deluca

For some of us, it’s just not a  Hanukkah without a babka.

UPDATE: Dean and Deluca is gone, but you can find Oneg Bakery’s Double Chocolate Babka at Goldbelly, which ships everywhere. 

Hanukkah hostess food gifts: Eleni's very limited edition dreidel cookie gift box

Eleni’s Limited Edition Dreidel Cookie Gift Set
$95, Eleni’s

When you need to make a very big impression. But hurry, only 50 boxes available each year!

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Hanukkah Hostess Food Gifts: Lot 'A Latkes Gift Box at Zabar's

Lot ‘A Latkes Gift Box
$119, Zabar’s

The ultimate taste of an NYC Hanukkah.


Hanukkah hostess food gifts: La Tourangelle roasted peanut oil is perfect for latkes

La Tourangelle Roasted Peanut Oil
$7.98/16.9 oz, Amazon

Hey, those latkes aren’t going to fry themselves.
(And of course, canola oil is fine if you’re avoiding peanuts.)


Hanukkah hostess food gifts: Underwest's artisanal brioche donut with homemade raspberry pomegranate jam

Artisanal Sufganiyot (i.e. Jelly Donuts) by Underwest

Traditional — yet not.

UPDATE: Underwest is gone, sniff, but you can DIY with a fabulous jelly donut recipe like this one from The Spruce Eats. 

Hanukkah Hostess Food Gifts: Baked By Melissa FEstival of Bites mini cupcakes

Festival of Bites mini cupcakes
$30/25 and up, Baked by Melissa

Warning: Will not last all 8 nights.

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The best wine pairing for latkes: A Prosecco Brut that holds its own against the apple sauce

Progettidivini Prosecco Brut
$16.96, Sherry-Lehman

According to Food & Wine, champagne and sparkling wines are the very best latke-wine pairing, and who am I to argue? Prosecco is a perfect choice hold its own with sweet applesauce, and not too spendy.


Hanukkah hostess food gifts: Black and White cookie box from Zabar's

Zabar’s Black and White Cookie Box (Kosher)
$25.98, Zabar’s

Oh Zabar’s. You always come through.