One of my favorite holiday desserts is chocolate bark, because OMG it’s so easy. With just some melted chocolate and a cookie sheet, you can prepare enough sweets for a party, or make impressive and tasty homemade holiday food gifts in no time at all.

But, if you’re looking to take things up a notch, and find a more creative Christmas bark recipe this year, check out some of these clever Christmas bark recipes we’ve found from some of our favorite chefs and food bloggers. Best of all: they’re all super easy. Yay for simple and delicious!

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Creative Christmas bark recipes: Peppermint bark hearts at Oh Nuts

Most chocolate bark recipes are simply entire sheets of chocolate, broken into random pieces. So I like the variation of these Peppermint Bark Candy Cane Hearts at Oh Nuts. You simply place the candy canes into heart shapes, and pour the chocolate to fill them. So cute for Christmas — then again for Valentine’s Day treats.


Creative Christmas bark recipes: Melted Snowman bark at Princess Pinky Girl

It doesn’t get more adorable and creative than this Melted Snowman Chocolate Bark at Princess Pinky Girl. Poor little snowman! This is a creative Christmas bark recipe I bet your kids will love helping to make, and we think this makes one of the best homemade food gifts because c’mon! It’s just so darn cute.


Creative Christmas bark recipes: Reindeer Bark at Cooking with Manali

Look closely –reindeer faces! I love that fun surprise in this creative Reindeer Bark recipe from Cook with Manali. Your kids can place the pretzels and chocolate candies to make those adorable faces; just be sure to break the pieces strategically when it’s hardened.

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Creative Christmas bark recipes: Loaded Peppermint Bark at A Bajillian Recipes

I have to admit, this Loaded Peppermint Bark recipe from A Bajillian Recipes may my top contender to make first, because it has everything: white chocolate, milk chocolate, sprinkles, chocolate candies, and Oreo cookies? Plus peppermint? Now that’s the kind of creative Christmas bark recipe that’s calling my name.


Creative Christmas bark recipes: Christmas Lights bark at Bellyfull

Strings of Christmas lights will now and forever remind me Stranger Things, but the simplicity of this Christmas Lights decorated chocolate bark from Bellyfull is perfect for a creative, homemade food gift, whether you know what The Upside Down is, or haven’t the slightest idea.


Creative Christmas bark recipes: Christmas Crack at Stress Baking

If you want to avoid a too-sweet chocolate bark, Stress Baking got creative with this Christmas Crack Holiday Chocolate Bark Recipe that’s so colorful and festive. The base layer is saltine crackers, giving it the perfect salty crunch, and balancing out all that sweetness.


Creative Christmas bark recipes: Peppermint bark at Dinner at the Zoo

Creative doesn’t have to mean complicated. You can use up all those broken candy canes in this Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate and Peppermint Bark recipe from Dinner at the Zoo. Pretty enough for a gift — if you can manage not to eat it all yourself.