With so many kids on the invite list for my NYE party this year, I’ve been on the hunt for great New Year’s Eve mocktails for kids. And OMG, did I found some fantastic kids’ mocktail recipes, all appropriately bright and celebratory for the big countdown.

Whether it happens at midnight or 9 PM. Because yeah, we get it.

Bonus: There’s a range here that’s fun for abstaining adults as well who’d like something beyond club soda — whether they like something simple and classic or are willing to go all in on Pop Rocks and gummy bear garnishes with the kiddos.

Top image: Gummy bear mocktail at Simple Seasonal

11 fun New Year’s Eve dinner (and dessert) recipes when you’re entertaining kids

New Year's Eve mocktails for kids: New Year sunrise mocktail | Eats Amazing

I like the idea of ingredients that do double duty. In which case, check out this New Year sunrise mocktail recipe at Eats Amazing, which is wonderful as is, but can easily be boozified into a tequila sunrise to satisfy adults at the party too.

New Year's Eve mocktails for kids: Fruity mocktail | Weelicious

You can always count on Catherine at Weelicious to deliver healthier versions of favorite food and drink recipes that kids are guaranteed to love. No exception with this fruity mocktail recipe for New Year’s Eve that makes use of berries for natural sweetness, and looks festive and amazing.

New Year's Eve mocktails for kids: Gummy bear mocktail | Simple Seasonal

It doesn’t get much easier than this delightful gummy bear mocktail recipe at Simple Seasonal. Grab some sparkling cider and follow Rachel’s instructions for making it as adorable as it is delicious.

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New Year's Eve mocktails for kids: The disappearing mocktail | The Tiptoe Fairy

If you have younger children — and you’re hoping for a sugar crash by midnight — I think they’ll get a big kick out of this Disappearing Mocktai recipe at The Tiptoe Fairy. With cotton candy, licorice, and brightly colored sugar crystals, it’s basically every kid’s dream.

New Year's Eve mocktails for kids: Pop Rocks pear punch | Glitter and Bubbles

This drink had me at Pop Rocks, which you use to line the rim of this Willy Wonka-esque Pop Rocks Pear Punch mocktail for kids. Find the recipe, plus two other amazing mocktails that are perfect for New Year’s eve, at Glitter and Bubbles.

New Year's Eve mocktails for kids: Sparkling cranberry mint mocktail | Food Fun Family

This sparkling cranberry mint mocktail recipe at Food Fun Family feels like winter cheer in a glass. And since it’s more sophisticated than the soda-reliant options on the kid’s menu, it’ll make a great non-alcoholic option for adults too.

New Year's Eve mocktails for kids: Classic Shirley Temple | The Spruce EatsYou can never beat the classics when it comes to mocktails for kids. I’ve been drinking Shirley Temples since I was a kid myself, and while you hardly need a recipe for it, it can’t hurt to refer to this simple recipe for a classic Shirley Temple at The Spruce Eats. It takes me back in a big way. Grab extra ingredients because I predict you’ll be making this drink well into 2019 once your kids get a taste.