Cinco de Mayo is coming up, and we’re looking for some creative, delicious tequila cocktail recipes to go with our Mexican dinner recipes and guacamole. We’ve found some imaginative but simple twists on the classic margarita, a delicious Paloma, and even an inventive tequila cocktail recipe inspired by one of our favorite fruit smoothie recipes.

We can’t wait to try them all. Just…not all at once.

At top: Blood Orange and Kiwi Margaritas from Fork in the Road; Spicy Margaritas from Zested Lemon

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Tequila cocktail recipes: Tequila Paloma at Culinary Ginger

I love the bright, citrus flavors in this Tequila Paloma from Culinary Ginger, and it’s a fun alternative to a classic margarita on Cinco de Mayo. Be careful though: it is a little strong, made with nearly equal parts tequila and grapefruit juice. So no drinking and tweeting spoilers to Endgame, please.

Tequila cocktail recipes: Spicy Margaritas at Zested Lemon

If you’ve never had a margarita made with jalapeño juice, you’re missing out. This recipe for Spicy Margaritas at Zested Lemon is easy to mix, even if you’re not a seasoned bartender. And the result is totally worth the extra effort.

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Tequila cocktail recipes: Royal Ritas at Peanut Butter & Fitness

I have to admit, the idea of an Earl Grey-infused margarita sounded a little strange to me at first. But the description of these Royal Ritas at Peanut Butter & Fitness makes me want to try them right away, and I have it on good authority that the “high tea twist” she describes from the Earl Grey simple syrup is a lovely addition.

Tequila cocktail recipes: Blood Orange & Kiwi Margaritas at Fork in the Road

These Blood Orange and Kiwi Margaritas from a recipe at Fork in the Road are so pretty — almost too pretty to drink! Blood orange margaritas are some of my favorites, and I’m intrigued by the idea of adding kiwi to them. It sounds like a brilliant match to me.

Tequila cocktail recipes: Carrot Ginger Margaritas at Spice in my DNA

I initially thought this Carrot Ginger Margarita at Spice in my DNA sounded a little too much like health food. Carrots? In my margarita? But the more I thought about it, a carrot ginger smoothie is one of my favorite combinations, blending sweetness and that spicy kick. So I’m going to have to give this one a try too.