My favorite thing about a far-away road trip? The food. (No, not the fast food.) So I am thrilled to discover United Tastes of America, Gabrielle Langholt’s fun new kids’ guide to the most classic — and delicious! — eats in each state.

Anyone else feel inspired to get in the car and try fresh lobster in Maine? Or make a pilgrimage to Oklahoma to taste the Jones’ sisters’ barbecue sauce from Queer Eye season 3?

Hang on, let me me grab my neck pillow and I’ll join you.

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United Tastes of America: This state-by-state cookbook and atlas is the perfect road trip companion

United Tastes of America includes a two-page spread for each of the 50 states, complete with fun illustrations from Jenny Bowers, recipes, and a few notes about the dishes that makes locals most proud. I think it’s a great way to get kids excited about where they’re traveling for their next road trip — even if it’s just to the next state over to visit grandma again.

It’s also a terrific way to get kids in the kitchen, to recreate some of the favorites of other states, especially if you’re just staycationing this summer.

It seems like an especially perfect book to share over Memorial Day weekend when there’s so much flag-waving and talk about America and patriotism. We all agree here that one of the best ways to love our country, is to actually get to know more our incredible diversity — geographically, sociologically, and in this case, culinarily.

Find United Tastes of America by Gabrielle Langholt at our affiliate Amazon or at your favorite indie bookstore.