This week we’re laying out an easy plan for you so you only have to cook three times, but you’ll get five meals out of it. You’ll be making big batches when you do cook, but you’ll have the other nights off to make up for it. Totally worth it, in my book.

So grab a pen and stock up on ingredients before the weekend’s over to make this week’s meal-planning so much easier.

At top: 20-minute Chili Lime Sheet Pan Fajitas recipe at Call Me PMC; Tan Tan Noodles at Platings & Pairings

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Weekly meal plan: Sheet Pan Fajitas at Call Me PMC

On Monday, whip up one of our favorite easy dinners: these 20-minute Chili Lime Sheet Pan Fajitas recipe at Call Me PMC. They’re an easy way to sneak extra veggies into our kids’ diets, plus, ahem, 20 minutes. Can’t be easier. Just be sure to cook extra chicken, and go ahead and slice some peppers that you don’t actually roast so you can use them later in the week.

Weekly meal plan: Tortilla Soup at Pip & Ebby

With the chicken you have left over from your fajitas, make this delicious chicken tortilla soup at Pip & Ebby on Tuesday night. Basically you just have to put some canned corn, black beans, and broth with the chicken in a big pot, then add Megan’s brilliant blend of spices. So easy.

Weekly Meal Plan: Sesame Skewers at Simple Scratch

On Wednesday night, cook a double portion of these Grilled Sesame Steak Skewers that we loved from Simply Scratch. Serve them with grilled veggies and baked potatoes on the side, then save half of the steak for stir fry bowls tomorrow night.

Weekly meal plan: Crispy Sesame Stir Fry at Gal on a Mission

On Thursday, start some rice in your rice cooker or Instant Pot, then grab that leftover steak out of the fridge. Toss it in the wok with the leftover peppers from your fajitas earlier this week, and you’ll have an easy, tasty stir fry dinner the whole family will love. I’d recommend checking Gal on a Mission’s recipe for Crispy Sesame Stir Fry for some extra spices to toss in there to make the flavors really pop.

Weekly meal plan: Tan Tan Noodles at Platings and Pairings

Ever since I traveled to Korea for my daughter’s adoption, big bowls of ramen have become a favorite cool-weather comfort food for us. So Friday night, we’ll be serving up these Tan Tan Noodles at Platings & Pairings . . . although I might use up any leftover meat or veggies from earlier in the week, rather than using the ground pork. These are always a hit with my kids because they can DIY theirs with just the toppings they want, which makes everyone happy.

Weekly meal plan: Swirled Cinnamon Croissant Bread at Halfbaked Harvest

While this Easy Swirled Cinnamon Croissant Bread at Halfbaked Harvest isn’t technically a dessert, it’s so delicious it might as well be. I’m no expert baker, but I made this with my daughter this week and it was so yummy the entire loaf was gone by morning. No exaggeration. Make it Friday night to have on hand for breakfast Saturday morning — if it lasts that long.