Spooky spiders, creepy bats, and even a little blood splatter: It’s amazing what Oreo Halloween treats you can make with a bag right from the store and just a few extra items. Yay for semi-homemade!

A little scary but mostly sweet, I found an abundance of easy Oreo Halloween treats that I’m dying (ha) to try out this Halloween. And rest assured that while I am a cook, I am not the craftiest parent out there. So trust me when I say these snack ideas are completely doable for all ages and skill levels.

In fact, be sure to enlist the kids in making any of these Oreo Halloween treats. They may find that making them is as much fun as eating them. Don’t forget the edible googly eyes!

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Easy Oreo Halloween treats for kids: Spooky Halloween Oreos | Family Fresh Meals
My kids are just hitting the age where they like a little bit of gore during Halloween, so these Spooky Halloween Oreos at Family Fresh Meals (above and very top) are at the top of my list. My kids immediately screamed, “yes!” when I showed them this Halloween treat recipe. They may even be the easiest to create out of all the ideas here, which is a win for both of us.


Easy Oreo Halloween treats for kids: 4-Ingredient Bat Bites | Chelsea’s Messy Apron

We love these simple 4-Ingredient Oreo Bat Bite Treats from Chelsea’s Messy Apron so much, our Cool Mom Eats editor actually featured them on the Today Show a couple of years ago. Combining one of kids’ favorite Halloween candies with one of their favorite cookies, it’s no wonder these easy Oreo Halloween treats are such a big hit year after year.

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Easy Oreo Halloween treats for kids: Oreo Bat Treats at Or So She Says

If you want an easier version of the recipe above, why not go down to 3 ingredients? The Oreo Bat Treats at Or So She Says are ideal for the classroom or a younger-kid Halloween party, and are sufficiently adorable. The only hard part will be keeping the kids from eating all the Oreos before you can make the bats. While you’re on Liz’s site, be sure to look around; she’s got some terrific Halloween craft and decoration ideas too.


Easy Oreo Halloween treats for kids: Monster Cookies | Powered by Mom
Don’t let Michelle’s expert cookie decorating intimidate you. At her site Powered by Mom, her Monster Oreo Cookie Treats instructions are easier than I first imagined. You do have to grab some colored candy melts, but once a grown-up gets the melting done, the kids can get their spooky on with all the decorating. Sprinkles, pretzels, crazy colors and googly eyes add to the monstrous fun.


Easy Oreo treats for Halloween: Spider Web Oreo Cookies from Zesty Bite

At a Zesty Bite, these Oreo Spider Web Cookies immediately caught our eye. It’s mainly a matter of making chocolate-dipped Oreos, then applying a longstanding spiderweb frosting technique that takes a sec . Still, be sure to check out her site for great tips, including how to get them all so uniformly round and bubble-free.


Easy Oreo Halloween treats for kids: Halloween Oreo Pops | Aline Made

There are a lot of ways to make Oreo treats on a stick, but the brilliant part of these Halloween Oreo Pops from Aline Made is that you can buy white fudge-covered Oreos to start. That means no melting chocolate or dipping required! This project is great for little hands, and the faces can be made as creative or as spooky as they wish.