Halloween is one of those times when the way food looks matters as much as how it tastes. So this year, I found seven festive Halloween treats that are super fun looking and come together in a snap. In fact, they’re so easy to make that they won’t spook off even the most kitchen averse among us.

These don’t require any advanced cake engineering or piping skills. If you can melt candy and apply googly eyes — which, you can — you’re about to win major parent-of-the-year points.

Top: Pretzel Mummies | Sheri Silver 

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Easy Halloween treats for kids: Chocolate Mummy Cake Batter Cookies | Club Crafted

We’re all about hacking cake mix to make something extraordinary (or at least that tastes like homemade), and these Chocolate Mummy Cake Batter Cookies at Club Crafted totally fit the bill. The mix saves time so that you can focus on wrapping the mummy, aka piping delicious cream cheese frosting in the easiest way possible.


Easy Halloween treats for kids: Zombie Rice Krispies Cones | Design Eat Repeat

If you ask me, Rice Krispies Treats are the most craft-able kids’ dessert, and easy to make too! I love these unexpected Zombie Rice Krispies Cones that Melissa has created at Design Eat Repeat. So clever!


Easy Halloween treats for kids: Oreo Pumpkin Pops | Suburban Simplicity

If your kids aren’t quite ready for the scarier monsters, try these sweet Oreo Pumpkin Pops. Erin at Suburban Simplicity uses a simple hack to make the lollipop stick stay put in the Oreo. Check out the full — and very easy — tutorial at her site.

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Easy Halloween treats for kids: Pretzel Mummies | Sheri Silver

Breaking up the sugar with a little salt and crunch is never a bad idea, especially amid the deluge of trick-or-treat candy. So I’m digging these Pretzel Mummies at Sheri Silver that also require candy melts and — you guessed it — googly eyes. Because if you’ve been doing this parent thing long enough, you probably have some tucked away somewhere. (Or grab them at our Amazon affiliate or your local craft store. They’re worth having.)


Easy Halloween treats for kids: Spooky Spider Cookies | Neurotic Mommy

I’ll eat pretty much anything with a peanut butter cup on top and so will the kids in my life. Given that, I think they’ll be very excited about these Spooky Spider Cookies at Neurotic Mommy, which are surprisingly healthy and completely vegan. Perfect if you’re baking for kids with dairy sensitivities.


Easy Halloween treats for kids: Ghost Doughnuts | Crayons and Cravings

So maybe you don’t want your kids to start hitting the Halloween sweets at breakfast, but these Ghost Doughnuts definitely deserve a place somewhere in the Halloween menu. It doesn’t get much easier than this awesome tutorial at Crayons and Cravings.

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Easy Halloween treats for kids: DIY Bride of Frankenstein cookies | Tell Love and Party

Okay, these DIY Bride of Frankenstein cookies at Tell Love and Party involve a little more precision decorating than the others, but OMG, how adorable? Plus, they use store bought madeleines so you can skip the oven all together. If you have older kids who love to craft, or younger kids who care more about fun than a perfect result, these might be just the thing.