The easier a treat is, the more likely it is to actually get made; this I’ve learned. So while I love an elaborately iced Halloween dessert as much as the next person (looking at you, Candy Corn Tuxedo Cake), ambitious holiday recipes tend to stay on my Pinterest board and out of my kitchen.

So this Halloween, I’ve created some super simple Halloween Rice Krispies Treats that even younger kids can help make. Because in my mind, getting kids involved and having fun are the real #HalloweenGoals.

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What you’ll need:

How to turn a single pan of Rice Krispies Treats into easy Halloween snacks with this simple trick! | Cool Mom Eats | © photo by Caroline Seigrist

– A batch of the best ever Brown Butter Rice Krispies Treats, cooled in the pan

Candy melts in assorted colors (available at our rStyle Amazon affiliate or your local craft store), melted according to package directions

– Mini chocolate chips

– Candy eyeballs (available at our rStyle Amazon affiliate or your local craft store)

– A knife or cookie cutters if you’re fancy (PRO-TIP: Lightly coat the blade of your knife or the cookie cutter with cooking spray before you use it so that it can effortlessly cut into the sticky treats.)

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Halloween treat #1: Candy Corn Rice Krispies Treats

The easiest Halloween snack recipe ever (kids can even help make it): Candy Corn Rice Krispies Treats tutorial | Cool Mom Eats | © photo by Caroline Seigrist

Instead of traditional squares, cut your Rice Krispies Treats into triangles and ice with candy melts, white at the tip and orange in the middle. You can also ice with yellow candy melts at the bottom, but I saved money and skipped those since the Rice Krispies Treats are yellow enough.

You can use an offset spatula to spread the candy melts or, if you don’t have one, just use a spoon. See? Crazy easy.


Halloween treat #2: Rice Krispies Treats Monsters

Easy Halloween snack recipes: Rice Krispies Treats Monsters (that kids can even make themselves!) | Cool Mom Eats | © photo by Caroline Seigrist

For these terrifying monsters, I cut my Rice Krispies Treats into rectangles, because Frankenstein. Then, I used all different colored candy melts to make various “hair” colors.

To stick on the eyes, I dabbed a little bit of melted candy onto the Rice Krispies Treat to act as an adhesive. I also chopped up a few of the unmelted white candies to use as teeth.

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Halloween treat #3: Rice Krispies Treats Ghosts

Easy Halloween dessert recipes: Super simple Halloween ghost Rice Krispies Treats | Cool Mom Eats | © photo Caroline Seigrist

I used a knife to cut out a ghost shape, but if you’re feeling like a perfectionist — or you just have one on hand, consider using a ghost cookie cutter. Ice the whole thing with white candy melts and use mini chocolate chips for the eyes (trust me that they work better than full-sized chips).