I’m a big fan of gourmet gift boxes, but a lot of our favorites can be pricey. And shipping…oof. The more affordable options often seem kind of banal to me, or just don’t have the quality I want. So when I was sent a box from Olive & Cocoa, well it was not at all what I expected.

I expected: A mass-market generic food box, overpackaged and under-delivering,

I got: A beautiful, reusable wooden crate, lovingly packaged and filled with nicely-curated treats. I admit my expectations were tempered because this gifting site also includes items like “watercolor pumpkin welcome mats,” crystal dog figurines, and a $1100 “Majestic Longhorn Skull” for your wall which um…aren’t quite my style. I’m also a bit wary of gifting sites that try to do too many things well. And yet, these gourmet gift boxes gifts, at least from the one I tried, are worth adding to your consideration list this holiday.

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Snow & Ice gourmet gift box from Olive & Cocoa is perfect for little Frozen fans!

Chocolate caramel pretzel tree gourmet gift box from Olive & Cocoa
There looks to be a nice selection of holiday gourmet gift boxes and more Christmas specific gourmet boxes, if you’re looking for something new to send out this year. That Snow & Ice Delights box would be perfect for a family with a little Frozen fan in the mix.  For something a little more chic, I wouldn’t say no to a box of Chocolate Caramel Pretzel trees. So pretty!

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Ugly Christmas sweater cookie gourmet gift box from Olive & Cocoa

If you have friends, clients, or family with a sense of humor, you have to grab that Ugly Sweater Christmas Cookie gourmet box. (I’ve seen uglier, but that’s okay. It’s hard to recreate the Royal Family’s 2016 ugly Christmas sweaters on a cookie.)

Hanukkah gourmet gift box from Olive & Cocoa

Thank you gourmet gift box from Olive & Cocoa

I’m also grateful that they added a Hanukkah treat box, new this year along with their Kosher gourmet box and some sweet thank you themed boxes for holiday hosts or favorite teachers. There’s also a savory gluten-free gourmet box, and in fact, lots of savory boxes if charcuterie or fruit and nut boxes are more in your gift-giving wheelhouse.

Just uh, skip the $300, 11-pound gilded moose bust for sale on the site. Or, don’t. To each her own.