As the daughter of a bona fide foodie father, I’ve always loved tracking down cool gourmet Father’s Day gift boxes for dads. And  there are so many!

I mean, so many gifts, but also so many kinds of dads.

(Shockingly, not every dad likes grilling, golf, hogging the remote control, and not knowing how to do the dishes, as every card store rack would have you believe. Sigh.)

So check out our guide to fabulous gourmet gift boxes and subscriptions for dads, whether he’s got a sweet tooth, a hardcore snack thing, a thing for bourbon, or a thing for tea. Any of these gifts lets you make a big splash, even when the price tag is pretty small.

Here’s to all the awesome dads out there! May they eat well for all their days.

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A Gourmet Gift Box for the New Dad

Gourmet gift boxes for Father's Day: The new dad gourmet gift box - something for him, something for the baby

Awww Baby Gift Box from One Hope Wines
$89.99+, OneHope Wines

A little something for him (wine + caffeine), a little something for the baby (not the wine or caffeine).

A Gourmet Gift Box for the Grilling Dad with Great Taste

Gourmet gift boxes for dads: The FAther's Day gourmet grilling box from mouth foods

 Grill Sergeant Artisanal Gift Box
$139, Mouth Foods

Yes it’s a Father’s Day cliché, but what dad could say no? This box is filled with goodies from artisanal makers and smaller purveyors — and even veggie-burger grillers will love it.

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A Gourmet Gift Box for the Military Dad Overseas

Gourmet gift box for a dad overseas: Harry & David offers tons of great gift boxes that can be shipped to international bases

Sweet & Salty Gourmet Gift Box
$39.99+, Harry & David

Harry & David offers an entire collection of gourmet Father’s Day gifts available to ship to international bases around the world. He’d probably just be happy with the addictive Moose Munch Popcorn, but there’s so much more to devour here, he won’t know where to start.

A Gourmet Gift Box for the Dad Who’s Like, “Get Me Anything As Long as It’s Chocolate”

Gourmet gift boxes for dads: Vosges dark chocolate truffles collection in exotic flavors

Vosges Dark Chocolate Truffle Collection
$48, Vosges Haut Chocolate

I have one of these kinds of dads in my life, and for him, I’ve often turned to Vosges. If he’s a real chocolate lover, he’ll appreciate the all-dark assortment here with adventurous flavors made with ingredients like ginger + wasabi, Modena balsamic, Ceylon cinnamon, wild Tuscan fennel pollen, and Café du Monde chicory coffee. Sold!

A Gourmet Gift Box for the Devoted Carnivore Dad

Gourmet gifts for dads on Father's Day: Sliced Spanish Jamon trip from La Tienda for the devoted carnivore

Tasting Trio of Serrano, Ibérico and Ibéricode Bellota Ham
$80.95, La Tienda 

No one does it better than Tienda. Find tons of great Spanish food gifts here in every price range if this one is a little rich (from a budget or a culinary standpoint) for your blood.

A Gourmet Gift Box for the Devoted Vegan Dad

Gourmet gift boxes for dads: VeganCuts offers totally vegan and gluten-free gift boxes and subscriptions

VeganCuts Snack Box
$24.95/box with discounts for subscriptions, Vegan Cuts

Order a single box or hook him up for an entire year and he’ll get a dozen guaranteed vegan treats including cookies, snacks, meal items…and they’re all gluten-free, too.

A Gourmet Gift Box for the Dad with a Big Heart

Gourmet gift boxes for dads: Kids for Cancer Cookie of the Month subscription supports pediatric cancer research

A Cookie of the Month Club That Gives Back 
$40/mo and up, Cookies 4 Kids

What better way to celebrate an awesome dad, than a gift that helps other parents and kids? Cookies For Kids Cancer makes the most delicious treats (I’ve had MANY over the years!) and all profits go directly to support pediatric cancer research.

A Gourmet Gift Box for the Bourbon Connoisseur Dad

Gourmet gift box for dads: This Father's Day set for the bourbon lover from Mouth foods

The Bourbon Planner Gift Box
$191.50, Mouth Foods

Is “bourbon-drinking dad” a Father’s Day gift cliché? Well, yes, and for good reason! If he’s a proud member of this group, check out this gift box filled with everything but the bourbon.

Gourmet gifts for Father's Day: EH Taylor Small Batch Bourboon

Oh, and if you want to include the bourbon? Hit your local liquor store or visit Drizly to find for EH Taylor Small-Batch Bourbon ($35.99+) from the distillery that makes Pappy Van Winkle. It’s a fabulous bargain that’s just as worth of savoring.

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A Gourmet Gift Box for the Tea-Drinking Dad

Gourmet gift boxes for dads: Vahdam Tea gift boxes for Father's Day: This one includes Himalayan Gold Black Tea and Earl Grey Chai Tea in elegant caddies.

Tea Master’s Private Reserve Duo Gift Box
$24.95, Vadham Teas

If he’s a teetotaler or just one who appreciates gourmet looseleaf teas, Dad will loooove Vadham’s elegant gift boxes as much as we do. (And hey, they’re one of Oprah’s Favorite Things so can both Cool Mom Eats and Oprah be wrong? No.) They’ve got lots of of gourmet tea gift boxes starting at just $14.99, but I’m eyeing this affordable Private Reserve box featuring looseleaf Himalayan Gold Black Tea, plus an Earl Grey Chai Tea, all beautifully packaged, as you can see.

A Gourmet Gift Box for the World Traveling Dad
(Armchair Travelers Work, Too)

Gourmet gift boxes for dads: Adventurous travelers will love Universal Yums subscription featuring unique snacks from a different country each month

Super Yum Snacks from Around the World Subscription Box 
$37.75+ per month, Universal Yums

We recommended Universal Yums in our roundup of 19 favorite creative food subscription boxes for last-minute gifting, and since then, they’ve added a deluxe box which…wow. He gets a delivery of 20 snacks from a different country each month from Spain to South Korea, Israel to the Brazil — including snacks you can’t find anywhere else in the US, along with guidebooks, recipes and more.

A Gourmet Gift Box for the Suit-and-Tie Dad

Gourmet beef jerky tie box for Father's Day

Gourmet Beef Jerky Tie Box
$39.99, ManCrates

Combining his love for beef jerky with his devotion to the Windsor Knot, we love this clever jerky sampler packaged in a tie box. Of course it helps if he likes jerky. If not,  Man Crates offers plenty of other fun options.

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A Gourmet Gift Box for the Dad Who Likes it Hot

Gourmet gift boxes for dads: Artisanal hot sauce subscription at Food52

Fuego Box Small-Batch Hot Sauce Subscription
$120, Food 52

This quarterly delivery gives you an excuse to fire up the grill, warm up the tortillas, scramble the eggs…basically, anything at all that goes with hot sauce. Which is, basically, anything at all. Sign us up for that guava + habanero hot sauce!

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A Gourmet Gift Box for the Gluten-Free Dad

Gourmet gifts for dads: Gluten-free cupcake gift box from Baked by Melissa, for the GF Dad

Baked by Melissa OMGF Cupcake Gift Box
$37.50, Baked by Melissa

Every dad deserve cupcakes, especially if he can’t always eat them. And if you give him this, you deserve to have a few too. I mean, just look at those flavors!

A Gourmet Gift Box for the New York Dad
(or the New Yorker at Heart)

Gourmet gift box for the New York Dad: Papaya King hot dog gift box

Papaya King Dogs with the Works 
$89, Goldbelly

I’ve got a born-and-bred NYC dad so  yes, this is a pick kind of for him. But hey, maybe you’ve got one too. Sure you can get a box of black-and-white cookies or a dozen legit New York bagels for any fan of NYC food, but come on! It’s Papaya King!

A Gourmet Gift Box for the Super Particular Foodie Dad

Gourmet Father's Day gifts: Build-your-own foodie gift box at knack and make it as specific as you'd like!

Build-Your-Own Gourmet Gift Box
Prices vary, Knack Shops 

I’ve recently ordered from Knack and am so thrilled with the result! If you know exactly what he’d love, whether savory or sweet, build your own here starting with one of their themed boxes (wine, beer, burgers, pancakes, chocolate…you get the idea) or start from scratch.  You can even toss in a cookbook, some cooking tools, or an entirely non-food related keepsake.

A Gourmet Gift Box for the Dad Who’s Your Hero

Gourmet gift boxes for Father's Day: Fire Department Coffee + Mug help support our nations firefighters and first responders

 Fire Department Coffee + Official Mug
Mugs from $32.99, Beans from $11.99, Fire Department Coffee

Put together your own little gift box from Fire Department Coffee you’ve got a fab gift that gives back to other heroes — our nation’s firefighters.They not only entirely run this company, but give back 10% toward supporting other first-responders in need.

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