To celebrate this Father’s Day, I reached out to six of the best dad food bloggers — or perhaps they’re food bloggers who happen to be dads? — and I asked them to share their favorite Father’s Day recipes. Because while I know there are equal amounts talent in the kitchen from both men and women, I still find it refreshing to hear a dad’s point of view on family cooking, especially when they’re as talented and inspiring as these guys are.

Plus, I admit I live in my own bubble of mom chat and women-led recipes, so much so that I almost (almost) forget how many great dad bloggers there are – and how much there is to learn from them.

So grab your grocery list and the kids’ aprons .You may love these recipes from the best dad food bloggers so much, you’ll be making them all year long.

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Nick Evans of Macheesmo:
Sonoran Hot Dogs

Favorite Father's Day recipes from awesome dad bloggers: Nick Evans from Macheesmo

It’s hard to not immediately like Nick Evans and his site Macheesmo. A dad of two and author of the wonderfully practical cookbook Love Your Leftovers (our kind of guy), Nick’s recipes are fresh takes on the familiar. And each one is just as mouthwatering as the next.

Pretty much everything you’ve ever thought about, or wanted to eat is on his site. It was hard to choose but Nick’s official Father’s Day craving is Sonoran Hot Dogs (also at very top).

Favorite Father's Day recipes: Sonoran Hot Dogs | Macheesmo

Nick says making these hot dogs gives him an excuse to chill outside by the grill for a few extra minutes, and the actual prep work is minimal. It’s simple fare that kids and adults love, but tastes special due to all the fun toppings.

Plus, who doesn’t love anything wrapped in bacon? Nick offers a step-by-step guide for recreating this Southwestern favorite so even the kids can help out. Sounds like a good plan to me.


Jon Bailey + Triton Klugh of 2 Dads With Baggage:
Steak with Roasted Pepper Pesto

Favorite Father's Day recipes from awesome dad bloggers: Jon Bailey & Triton Klugh from 2 Dads with Baggage

For heartwarming stories of travel, parenting and lifestyle tips, hop on over to 2 Dads With Baggage. Jon and Triton, a hard-working couple raising two daughters, document their days with their kids and what it means to be a modern, global family.

They offer up tons of secret travel finds and advice on raising teens (which a lot of us can use right now!), not to mention great family recipes like Sicilian Pasta with Fava Beans.

But for special occasions like Father’s Day, they almost always choose a fantastic steak dinner at home.

Favorite Father's Day recipes: Omaha T-Bone Steaks with Red Pepper Pesto | 2 Dads with Baggage

Jon and Triton like to order from Omaha Steaks, a brand partner of theirs. They describe how special it is to have that delivery arrive on the porch, the trail of fog from the dry ice wafting around it. And they claim Omaha Steaks’ own recipe for Roasted Pepper Pesto is a must to go with it.

Prepared entirely a food processor, you could even make this pesto a day ahead and just serve your steak with a side salad and be done.

If delivery isn’t feasible, go to a local butcher and and ask for a good T-bone or ribeye. I’m fairly certain any steak cut would be delicious topped with a dollop that pesto.

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Beau Coffron of Lunchbox Dad:
Black and Bleu Sliders

Favorite Father's Day recipes from awesome dad bloggers: Beau Coffron from Lunchbox Dad

We’re longtime fans of Beau Coffron, the awesome “Dad” of Lunchbox Dad fame, and easily one of the best dad food bloggers out there. I knew the same guy who suggested a recipe for Sweet Peachy BBQ Pork Kebabs for Father’s Day a few years back would have a fab new idea for us this year. And I was right!

Beau’s Black and Bleu Bacon Sliders are special enough for a party, yet easy and adaptable for the whole family. He says his kids are always up for sliders, and while it’s a given that they’ll pick off the mushrooms, that’s good by him (and me too) since he’ll happily eat the extras.

And the pretzel bun? It’s his kids favorite part.

Favorite Father's Day recipes: Black and Bleu Bacon Sliders | Lunchbox Dad

If you haven’t checked out his site, definitely take a look around. His genius recipe creations are just the type of edible art your kids will be obsessed with and the bento creations on the @lunchboxdad Instagram account are basically mindblowing.

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Nate Day of Someday I’ll Learn:
Old-Fashioned BBQ Ribs

Favorite Father's Day recipes from awesome dad bloggers: Nate Day from Someday I'll Learn

Nate Day and his wife, Chelsea, are the forces behind popular blog Some Day I’ll Learn. From home-organizing storage tips to awesome camping hacks, you could easily spend an afternoon on the site or browsing their popular Instagram feed. But it’s their food section that really appeals to me.

It’s rich with family-focused recipes and tips (case in point: “Veggie Muffins to Avoid at the Drive-Thru” and “Bacon Avocado Roll-Ups with Honey Mustard”). Plus, any dad cooking for four kids earns some serious dad food blogger cred in my book.

Favorite Father's Day recipes: Old-Fashioned Ribs | Some Day I'll Learn

When it comes to Father’s Day recipes, Nate says you can’t go wrong with his recipe for Old Fashioned BBQ Ribs. He slow cooks the ribs in the oven (hands-off cooking is always a good thing), and then sauces them on a hot grill over charcoal.

The sweet tribute to his own dad, his hilarious honesty (“a few curse words and hammer strikes later, it was done”), along with his helpful cooking tips, will make you see why he’s just the type of dad food blogger we want to celebrate.


Todd Etue of Vegan with the Kids:
Vegan Lentil Tacos

Favorite Father's Day recipes from awesome dad bloggers: Todd Etue from Vegan with the Kids

Okay, so Todd Etue, husband of our own lovely associate editor Kate Etue, isn’t technically a blogger. But with a family of six who recently embarked on a vegan diet, I’d say he’s earned a spot here to share a favorite Father’s Day recipe. Especially since he’s offering up a change-up to all the delicious steak and burger and ribs recipes here.

After all, we know a lot of families who are vegetarian, vegan, or are simply easing up on their meat intake. And for that reason, I’m loving Todd’s Father’s Day recipe pick for Vegan Lentil Tacos.

Favorite Father's Day recipes: Lentil Tacos | Vegan with the Kids

Preparing these is a simple method that can be flexible depending on how many people you’re serving, and it works well as leftovers too. So basically you can’t make too much!

In a large pan, sauté some diced onion and peppers. Season with your favorite spices and add refried beans and cooked lentils. Warm through, taste for salt and pepper, then pile on toppings like avocado and salsa. Todd swears you won’t miss the meat!

You can also check out their Instagram feed @VeganWithTheKids for even more vegan inspiration for Father’s Day — or any day at all. Even if you’re not vegan.