We’re ready to celebrate the dads in our lives for Father’s Day¬†with some easy Father’s Day treats the kids can help make. Because one of our favorite way to make them feel special is through food! Hey, we love to eat too. So, we’ve found some adorable¬† food treats that kids can make — maybe with a little help.

Take a look at these fun, easy Father’s Day treats ideas that kids can help with and get ready for one happy dad, grandpa, stepfather, or…great-grandpa.

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At top: Maple & Bacon stuffed french toast | Glitter and Bubbles 

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Father's Day treats kids can help make: Berry Tart at I Heart Baking

Oreo cookie crust? Check. Decadent no-bake cheesecake filling? Check. Cute berries spelling D-A-D? Check. We love the way I Heart Baking tweaked Martha Stewart’s original¬†cheesecake recipe¬†to make a special berry-topped Oreo tart¬†just for Father’s Day. Be sure you click through to see her clever hack for getting those letters arranged just right.

How the kids help:¬†This is a perfect Father’s Day treat kids can help with at any age. Let little ones hit “pulse” on your food processor until your crust is perfectly mixed, then they can press it into the tart pan for you. If you have older kids, they are definitely on DAD-spelling duty!

Father's Day treats kids can help make: Cut-out sugar cookie sandwiches at BHG

These sugar cookie sandwiches at BHG are the perfect finish to your Father’s Day lunch, brunch or dinner, and cookies of all kinds are always a Father’s Day treat that kids can help make. If you love making sugar cookies from scratch and have the time to do it — the dough requires 4 hours to chill, FYI — then more power to you. On the other hand, if you have these alphabet cutters for cookies you can go semi-homemade with store bought sugar cookie dough. Just saying.

How the kids help: Let older kids cut out the letters with messages for dad, while little kitchen novices can slather the icing on for the sandwiches or help place the top and bottom cookies together.

Father's Day treats kids can help make: Tie-shaped pizza at She Knows

Of course, a tie is the clich√© Father’s Day gift, but for dads who love ties, it’s an apt one. This tie-shaped pizza recipe for Father’s Day¬†by Diana Johnson for She Knows is a gift a lot of dads will l love to receive. In fact, we shared it last year along with some other easy Father’s Day food gifts kids can make, and it’s still a favorite.

How the kids help:¬†Let younger kids take Dad’s pizza order, and put all the requested toppings on a pre-cut (by you) crust just for him. Older kids can prep the ingredients (even if you slice the olives as perfectly as the ones here), and do nearly all of it.

Father's Day treats kids can help make: Homemade BBQ sauce at Martha Stewart

If Dad’s real joy is grilling, no need to take that joy from him by doing all the cooking on Father’s Day. Instead, gift him with a jar of homemade barbecue sauce¬†with this recipe from Martha Stewart, then set him free to do his thing outside. Maybe throw in a six pack of his favorite beer — or LaCroix. Whatever he likes is perfect.

How the kids help: Younger kids can keep stir the sauce while you do all the measuring, let them loose with a Sharpie to decorate the marinade brush handle with their own personal message Father’s Day message. We’ve even found some free printable jar labels you can use, or just buy blank labels and let kids of any age decorate the jar with a label made just for Dad.

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Father's Day treats the kids can help make: Maple Stuffed French Toast at Glitter and Bubbles

Sure, this breakfast looks all cute and sweet. But those fluffy pieces of Father’s Day french toast are stuffed with bacon and maple cream cheese! Whoa. Speaking my language. Glitter and Bubbles has the surprisingly easy recipe, though we’d add a few extra pieces of bacon on the side, ourselves.

How the kids help:¬†Younger kids can easily mix up the maple cream cheese while you fry up the french toast. And of course pouring out the confectioner’s sugar at the end is something every kid loves.

Father's Day treats kids can help make: Award cookies at Must Have Mom

Give your number-one dad some cookies worthy of his status.These¬†Father’s Day award cookies come from a smart recipe at Must Have Mom. Be sure to click through to get her tips for making the writing so picture-perfect. Easy hack: Swap in Dad’s favorite store-bought cookies, then decorate!

How the kids help:¬†If your older kids have great handwriting, the lettering is all theirs. (Or, even if they don’t, that kid-style writing will be so cute.) Younger helpers can arrange the candies — and try to avoid eating them all in the process.