Whether wine is your go-to Hanukkah hostess gift, or you’re just looking to jazz up your own Hanukkah holiday table this year, I am so happy to discover these funny Hanukkah wine labels that range from LOL funny to just kind of sweet.

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From Etsy shop The Ritzy Rose, these are no cheap paper printable wine labels. The set is made of a waterproof polyester, which you can use to easily replace the bottle’s existing labels on any straight-sided wine bottle. The set of eight is perfect for gifting tons o’ wine for Hanukkah revelers. Or, if you’re using them at your own shindig, you’ll have enough to get you through 8 days of the kids asking to hear the Glee version of Oh Hanukkah on repeat.

You can even use one on the grape juice bottle at the kids’ table, or for the non-imbibers.

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Funny Hanukkah wine labels for hostess gifts or your own party | The Ritzy Rose

Funny Hanukkah wine labels from the Ritzy Rose: Comes in a set of 8

Funny Hanukkah wine labels for hostess gifts or your own Hanukkah party refreshments | The Ritzy Rose

Of course the guests will just have to take your word for it that you picked out something a little tastier than two-buck Chuck. Or…not? Whatever works for you and your homemade latkes is good by me.

While they’re all pretty cute, I did laugh out loud at the reindeer in the ugly Hanukkah sweater. And of course, the adaptation of the classic joke my family repeats each Hanukkah, summing up the essence of every Jewish holiday on the calendar. They tried to kill us. We lived. Let’s eat.