If crunchy Christmas cookies, boozy fruitcakes, and chocolatey yule logs pale in comparison to a bowl of delicious, hand-crafted ice cream, then we’ve got an awesome gift idea for you: Check out our long-time favorite eCreamery ice cream’s holiday collection that can be shipped directly to your favorite person to be shared. . .or not. No judgement.

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eCreamery Hanukkah ice cream gift

Whether they celebrate Hanukkah or Christmas, I love how eCreamery has come up with clever names and seasonal packaging to fit the occasion. Hanukkah: 8 Night Collection (shown above) includes eight pints with flavors like Gelt Goodness (coffee toffee ice cream with chocolate chunks), Feast of Lights (mint cookie crunch ice cream), and Maccabee Munchies (sea salt caramel brownie). (Please note that these ice creams are not kosher.)

I wish there were also flavors like jelly donut or chocolate babka, but that’s a minor quibble (and there’s really no need for latke ice cream). In fact, you’ll really just wish Hanukkah lasted more than eight days so that this pack would have more than eight pints.

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eCreamery Santa's Stash ice cream gift pack for the holidays

Those celebrating Christmas have a few different packs to choose from, though my favorite is the Santa Stash Ultimate Collection of eight pints of ice cream. What I love about this pack is that the flavors are unique to the season: Eggnog, candy cane, gingerbread . . . Personally, I’d save the white chocolate peppermint ice cream to eat by the Christmas tree while I wait up for Santa to arrive.

Other holiday packs include four pints of their most popular flavors to a whopping 30 pints of ice cream! I have brain freeze just thinking about it. And while these ice creams make an excellent gift, don’t forget that you’ve been a very good person this year as well.

Order your Hanukkah or Christmas Holiday ice creams from eCreamery soon! Unlike that fruitcake, these holiday pints won’t stick around for long.