St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner! To be honest, St. Patrick’s day has not always been my favorite—something about the whole pinching thing—but it is the one day a year I make corned beef because my kids absolutely love it.

Having a reason to celebrate something in the middle of the week is a-okay in my book, so I’m sharing my favorite Instant Pot corned beef recipe, along with a couple of treats to make this a simple, festive St. Patrick’s Day meal.

At top: Corned Beef in the Instant Pot at Damn Delicious

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St. Patrick's Day Instant Pot Corned Beef recipe at Damn Delicious

I’m a huge fan of most of Chungah’s recipes at Damn Delicious because they usually live up to her blog’s name. This Corned Beef and Cabbage in the Instant Pot requires no intensive prep work—that is, no brining—so you can just wash your hands, peel and chop your veggies, and then put it all in the Instant Pot and go.

It cooks for about an hour and a half, so if you start it right before the afternoon shuffle, it will be ready to go right at dinner time.

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St. Patrick's Day Instant Pot Corned Beef: Serve this Irish Soda Bread at Sally's Baking Addiction too.

If you are lucky and don’t have to run your kids to all of the things on a weeknight, you can make some quick Irish soda bread with this recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction, to serve with the corned beef. It requires no yeast (easy!). Or even better, throw all of the ingredients into your bread maker so it is done about the same time as the beef.

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Boozy Lucky Charms milkshakes at How Sweet Eats

And for dessert, a mocktail version of these Boozy Lucky Charms Cereal Milkshakes at How Sweet Eats, is a festive way to finish up the greenest day of all. I may have found those vintage soda glasses in the image above on Amazon because I love them the most and want to eat everything out of them.