So let’s talk easy mug cakes, shall we? My sweet tooth has kicked into full strength during this quarantine, but having a full plate of brownies or cookies around is uh…dangerous. I do actually want to fit into my regular clothes again — at some point — so when my teen daughter asked whether she could make some mug desserts, I thought that was brilliant!

A one-serving dessert that satisfies my sweet tooth without tempting me to eat a whole pie? That’s perfect. So I started searching.

Here are 5 delicious and really easy mug cake recipes you can try with your kids. Hey, all that measuring can even count as science and math for the kids too, right?

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1. Easy molten lava mug cake

Easy mug cake recipes: Molten Lava mug cake at Halfbaked Harvest

You really just cannot beat a molten lava cake if you’re looking for a decadent dessert, and this 5-Minute Molten Lava Mug Cake from Halfbaked Harvest is so easy, you’ll want make it every night. Well…three times a week. Tieghan’s recipes always turn out well for me, and this one is no exception. It is absolutely delicious.


2. Easy lemon mug cake

Easy mug cake recipes: Lemon (or lime) mug cake at Speaking Aloud


There are about 15 million chocolate mug cake recipes out there, but if you prefer tartness in a dessert like me, try this fresh, summery Lemon (or Lime) Mug Cake recipe from Speaking Aloud. I love lemon cake in the warm months as a symbol of spring, and this one offers just the right amount of sweet and tart.

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3. Easy peanut butter mug cake

Easy mug cake recipes: Peanut Butter mug cake at Oh, Sweet Basil

Ooh, check out this Peanut Butter Mug Cake recipe from Oh, Sweet Basil. It’s so tempting, with all that melty chocolate and peanut butter yumminess. And OMG, I love her recommendation to push a Lindt ball down into the center. If you have one on hand or can grab one on your next pharmacy run, it sounds incredible.

4. Easy funfetti mug cake

Easy mug cake recipes: Funfetti cake at A Taste of Madness

Who doesn’t love funfetti, right? This easy Funfetti Mug Cake recipe from A Taste of Madness is a perfect surprise dessert for the kids after dinner. Or hey, even in the middle of the day, because time has no meaning now, right? The recipe includes a tiny portion of from-scratch frosting, but I say that store- bought — or even just a sprinkling of powdered sugar — would be just fine to top it off too.

5. Easy banana mug cake

Easy mug cake recipes: Banana Bread Cake at Okonomi Kitchen

If you’re wanting a healthy-ish option and have some bananas starting to go, this Banana Bread Mug Cake at Okonomi Kitchen is an easy mug cake recipe to whip up in just 3 minutes. It’s nutty and chocolatey but bananas take away the guilt right? It even happens to be vegan and gluten-free, though it’s easy to adapt if you are a milk drinker. I say this could be a perfect treat to have for breakfast, along with an actual mug of coffee too.