If you’re a home cook, or you’re shopping for one this holiday season, then you know that all cookware and kitchenware are not created equal. There are just those pots and pans and utensils that make you go “Oh baby.” There might even be drooling.

And so, I rounded up what I’m calling “sexy cookware and kitchenware gifts,” because some of us think a 5-in-1 Instant Pot with braising (HELLO, LOVER) is hot, and will make that lucky gift recipient (hey, maybe that’s you?) very happy this holiday season.

And if you’re not shopping for these types of gifts, I hope you’ll read to the end just to get a little chuckle at all my sex puns.

Note: A few of these items are on sale so HURRY. My guess is they will go back to regular price after Cyber Monday is over. Also, this post contains affiliate links, which means we may receive a small commission from certain purchases to help support the work we do at no additional cost to you.

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The Always Pan

Holiday gift ideas: Sexy cookware and kitchenware, like the Always Pan

I bought this pan in my favorite sage green last year and I LOVE IT. In fact, I love it so much that I hide it from my children so they don’t use it. The spatula actually fits onto the handle and well, I can feel my heart palpitating already. On sale for $99 from $145. BUY IT! 

Akameya Tokyo Chopsticks gift set

Holiday gift ideas for home cooks and food lovers: Akomeya Tokyo chopsticks

These beautifully handcrafted chopsticks are from Hyozaemon, a Wakasa-nuri chopstick company founded in 1921, and are carefully carved by artisans so they fit comfortably in your hands. Ahem. $98

Staub French Oven

Holiday gift ideas: Sexy cookware and kitchenware, like this Staub French Oven

Look, it has a dang snowflake design on the top. What more do I need to say, other than that this is an amazingly versatile pot. It’s also a French Oven, which is 40124% sexier than a Dutch Oven. Heh. On sale! Hurry! $199.95 from $300! 

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Stainless Steel rainbow utensil set

Holiday gift ideas: Sexy cookware and kitchenware like this stainless steel utensil set

The sleek handles, the gorgeous colors, the weight in your hand… There’s really nothing sexier. $64.99

Instant Pot Precision Dutch Oven 

Instant Pot 5-in-1 | sexy cookware and kitchenware gifts on Cool Mom Eats

Okay, so I say that a French Oven was sexier than a Dutch Oven, but not this one! It braises, slow cooks, sears and sautés, warms,  and cooks, all in 6-quart, cast iron pot. I’m fanning myself. On sale, $149.99 usually $229.95

Boos Block cutting board

Sexy cookware and kitchenware gifts: Boos block cutting board

Smooth, sturdy wood. Need I say more? (Hey, this post says “SEXY” in the title so…). $239.95

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Breville Smart Oven 

Breville Smart Oven: Sexy cookware gifts for the holidays

I bought the larger version of this a few years ago and I use it constantly – baking, air frying, convection, reheating, toasting… and more. My kids love it, which means they cook and bake more on their own. Seriously, this thing gets the job done every single time. $399.95

Mauviel Copper Beating Bowl

Sexy cookware gifts for the holidays: Mauviel copper beating bowl

You know what I want to say, right? But I won’t. I will say that this bowl is gorgeous, and will make any home baker swoon. $100