Mexican food is always a huge hit with my family, and according to our friends in our Recipe Rescue group, I am not alone. When I asked the group about their favorite food blogs, several people responded with Isabel Eats, and let’s just say, I fully support this recommendation.

Isabel the founder of Isabel Eats

Isabel Eats was founded by a first-generation Mexican-American who grew up eating authentic home-cooked Mexican meals. And like many of us, it wasn’t until she got older and moved away that she really started to appreciate the culture and Mexican food she grew up with. She started her blog as a personal place to document her successes experimenting and recreating recipes she grew up eating, but from there it has grown into a beloved, reliable source for millions of people who want to find easy, authentic Mexican food recipes.

Another fact about Isabel that hits close to home for me is that she is committed “to advocating for and raising awareness about food, body image, and exercise issues.” As she explains on her site about “why I write about food,” she developed an eating disorder in college and her blog served as a therapeutic tool to help in her recovery. She continues to write, advocate, and help others who are struggling with food issues.

You will find a mix of authentic Mexican food recipes, along with mouthwatering Mexican-inspired dishes. Below are a few of my family’s favorite recipes, but I encourage you to take some time to browse the entire Isabel Eats site, and follow her Instagram and Pinterest page to discover a few new dishes for yourself.

Top Image: Isabel and Beef Taquitos (recipe below)

Tres Leches Cake Recipe from Isabel Eats

I’m starting with dessert first here, because this Tres Leches Cake recipe has gotten me through the past couple of years. Sheetcaking is a totally acceptable form of self-care. Isabel shared this recipe on her blog in January 2020 right at the beginning of the Covid pandemic and I made it at least once a month to have little celebrations while our lives were tossed upside down.

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Beef Taquitos from Isabel Eats

Taquitos are a fan favorite around here and Isabel’s recipe for Beef Taquitos is a lifesaver on those busy weeknights. I prefer to bake them to reduce the clean-up mess in my kitchen. Serve them up with a large bowl of guacamole and Isabel’s Easy Chipotle Sauce. Corn tortillas do fry up a bit crisper and make this a gluten-free meal.

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Easy Carnitas Recipe from Isabel Eats

At least once a month I make this Easy Carnitas Recipe in my slow cooker. In fact, I often double the recipe and portion out the pork into freezer bags to pull out for a quick meal, lunch or after-school snack. This simple recipe yields a juicy, flavorful Mexican pulled pork that can be used in so many things from tacos, tostadas, taquitos, quesadillas, rice bowls, and even nachos. It’s a food prep staple.

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Sweet Potato Black Bean Burgers from Isabel Eats

I have been trying to incorporate more plant-based meals into my weekly rotation, and Isabel’s recipe for Vegan Black Bean Burgers makes it very easy to do. These burgers are so delicious—a little bit sweet and savory. My meat-eaters actually gobble them up with no complaints. They bake right in your oven, so you can have burger night any time without having to fire up the grill.

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Walking Tacos recipe from Isabel Eats

And finally, I am sharing one of my all-time favorite recipes from my childhood: Walking Tacos. I know, this seems like a very simple recipe, but if you have not yet tried these with your family, I strongly urge you to add them to your menu plan in the near future. They don’t have to be saved for a special occasion or party; just serve them up a regular old weeknight. Not only will your kids go nuts, but the clean-up is a snap.

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I love to discover new food bloggers and influencers! If you have suggestions, tips, or recommendations for recipes, cookbooks, or other food bloggers I should check out please comment here, or shoot me a message in our Recipe Rescue group on Facebook!