If you’re planning a get together this Halloween, you might want to check out these awesome, spooky Halloween mocktail and cocktail (for adults 21 and over of course) recipes. A really fun drink goes a long way to making your party fun and memorable — even if your party looks like you and the kids sorting out candy at the end of the evening.

– This post has been updated for 2022 –

Top ImageSmoky Sanderson Sisters’ Smash from Half Baked Harvest and Blood Bag cocktails at Sugar and Soul

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Just in time for both Halloween and the premiere of Hocus Pocus 2, Tieghan at Half Baked Harvest shows up with this perfectly themed, delicious Smoky Sanderson Sisters’ Smash and it is wonderful. Smoking the cinnamon and sage is really very easy, and not only does it add brilliant flavor to this cocktail, it makes your kitchen smell deliciously like fall. There are directions right on her recipe for how to make this a mocktail if you prefer to skip the liquor. Dry ice adds a nice spooky touch if you are in the mood.

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Halloween cocktails: Swamp Gasses at Garlic & Zest

If you want to double your dry ice fun, give this Swamp Gasses Halloween cocktail from at Garlic and Zest a whirl. It’s actually a lovely tropical pineapple cocktail. You could easily make this non-alcoholic too, by leaving out the booze and switching it with a green sports drink instead.

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Weekly meal plan: Pomegranate & Cinnamon shots at Homemade Banana

Any bride of Frankenstein will love these Cinnamon Pomegranate “blood” shots for Halloween, thanks to the recipe from Homemade Banana. They serve up that perfectly campy mad-scientist vibe — even if you substitute the gin for any fizzy, clear drink (like Sprite or La Croix) to turn it into an equally impressive mocktail. You will want to grab a test tube vile holder to hold those little test tubes though (affiliate)!

Halloween cocktails: Purple People Eater at Super Golden Bakes

Eww. The “one big eye” on this Purple People Eater cocktail at Super Golden Bakes looks so gross…and that’s exactly the point, isn’t it? This super-fun cocktail uses color-changing Butterfly Pea Flower Tea to achieve the special effect. I’ve made color-changing lemonade with my kids before using this tea, and it really does work! Definitely worth trying for a creative Halloween cocktail or mocktail.

Blood bag cocktail recipe from Sugar and Soul

These Blood Bag cocktails at Sugar and Soul are super simple, with just two ingredients required. While you can certainly serve these in a regular glass, the “blood bags” are what make this extra creepy (affiliate). For a mocktail option, the Goosebumps Cocktail also at Sugar and Soul is the perfect for kids and adults alike.

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Halloween Cocktails: Monster Margaritas at 40 Aprons

If you’re the “margaritas all year long” type, then this Halloween Margarita recipe at 40 Aprons will satisfy your craving for something as delicious as it is festive. It’s an easy recipe to make virgin — just blend the mix and ice, leaving out the booze, so that the kids can enjoy it too. And they’ll definitely want to, with those fun faces on the glasses.