When it comes to kids’ lunches and convenience, it’s kind of hard to beat juice boxes. Plus they’re the perfect serving size, especially for what seems to be the six-minute lunch break that my kids claim to have. (Or maybe that’s just an excuse for not finishing the broccoli?)

But if you’ve ever felt any eco-guilt about them, or just thought about the money they cost, you have to check out the Juice in the Box reusable juice boxes which I just spotted at ReuseIt.com.

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With more than 4 billion hard-to-recycle juice boxes a year reportedly hitting the trash, the Juice in the Box is a nice earth-friendly alternative and a clear money saver. Plus it’s supposedly spill proof, and definitely squirt proof. But beyond that, if you or your kids have a favorite drink that doesn’t come in handy juice box form, I love that you can now make it one. Just like magic.

There’s even a reusable ice pack sleeve made just to fit around the box, which is awfully clever if not totally necessary; plus replacement kits if the straws get icky.


Juice in the Box reusable juice boxes in 5 different colors. So clever!

Juice in the Box reusable drink boxes for school lunches come in 5 colors. Smart!

I will say that while it’s top rack dishwasher-safe, I still try to hand wash my plastic stuff, and only occasionally give it a full-cycle spin. Also, the retail site really needs to change the description of Tritan plastic (the same kind used in Nalgene or CamelBak bottles) so it doesn’t claim that it’s “chemical-free.” Ain’t no such thing. Still, very cool product. I’d get two.

Find the Juice-in-the-Box reusable juice boxes from Precidio Designs, in five different colors at ReuseIt.com/ or learn more at the Juice in the Box website.

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