When it comes to kids’ lunches and convenience, I wished for a long time for some kind of reusable juice box. I mean, it’s kind of hard to beat juice boxes–they’re the perfect serving size, especially younger kids, and for what seems to be the six-minute lunch break that my kids claimed to have had in elementary school. (Or maybe that was just an excuse for not finishing the broccoli?)

If you’ve ever felt any eco-guilt about juice boxes, or would like to save money eliminating more single-serving snack products for school lunches, you have to check out the Drink in the Box reusable juice boxes from Precidio Design, which I discovered online back in 2015.

They’re now in their third generation, with lots of new features and accessories and I’m still a fan.

This post has been updated for 2023
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Eco-friendly and squirt proof reusable juice boxes from Drink in a Box

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With more than 4 billion hard-to-recycle juice boxes a year reportedly hitting the trash, the Drink in the Box (formerly Juice in the Box) is a nice earth-friendly alternative and money saver.

Users love that it’s spill-proof, and definitely squirt proof. But beyond that, if you or your kids have a favorite drink that doesn’t come in handy juice box form–or you save money by buying Costco Lemonade in bulk like we do–I love that you can now make it a juice box. Just like magic.

You can even add a cute animal straw “fun top” top should your child want to drink out of a panda head or unicorn head.

Drink in the Box: Reusable, eco-friendly drink box alternative for homemade or bottled juices Reusable drink box alternatives: Drink in the Box has a new design in tons of colors for school lunches and kids on the goThe new drink in the box design, updated in 2022

I will say that while it’s top rack dishwasher-safe, I still try to hand wash my plastic stuff, and only occasionally give it a full-cycle spin. Also, the retail site no longer describes Tritan plastic (the same kind used in Nalgene or CamelBak bottles) as “chemical-free,” specifying that it is BPA- and phthalate-free.

Very cool product. I’d get two.

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Kafe in a Box reusable iced coffee carriers

PS Think one would be cool for the teens or adults in the house? Check out their new Kafe in a Box which looks perfect for my beloved homemade cold brew. Talk about a money-saver for work commutes!

Find the Drink-in-the-Box reusable juice boxes from Precidio Designs, in many different colors at Amazon. They now offer larger, 12oz reusable juice boxes too.