Sometimes you see a product and it’s instant love. That was my reaction to the Sugar House sugar bowl from Peleg Design. It looks like those snow globes from airport gift shops that our kids know and love (and that the TSA confiscates from your carry-on bags these days), only it’s an actual sugar bowl.

It’s not a shaker: You have to turn this upside down and unscrew the bottom to turn it into a regular sugar bowl, with the weight of the sugar reportedly keeping it from rolling around. That means you can use pretty colored sugars, chunkier organic brown sugar, or even table salt. You name it.

Sugarhouse Sugar Bowl looks like a snow globe! | Cool Mom Eats

Sugarhouse Snow Globe Sugar Bowl: Fantastic little holiday hostess gift! | Cool Mom Eats

I think this sugar bowl would make a swell holiday gift or hostess gift, especially considering it’s under $20 right now. Just know that it’s not glass, but plastic. However, that means that when your kids play with it, as they inevitably will, the biggest concern will be spills, not breaks. That and possible tummy aches.

Find the Sugar House snow globe sugar bowl from Peleg Design at Soho Design Shop or from our affiliate Amazon for just $17.30. 

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