When my kids go to the grocery with me, I usually let them pick one thing each that they want for their lunches during the week. And their choice almost always has a character on it. So I was excited to see the news that, with the new Star Wars movie coming out next month (eek!), Disney has partnered directly with growers to put their kid-friendly branding on some whole food options including apples, oranges, and carrot snacks. Healthy snacks from Disney? Yes, please.

Hey, now we can make frozen grapes with Frozen grapes. That’s way more fun, right?

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ideas for healthy snacks from Disney, like frozen grapes with Frozen grapes

Star Wars oranges are an out-of-this-world healthy snack from Disney for the kids.healthy snacks from Disney: New Avengers fruit pouches, because superheros need their vitamins.

Healthy snacks from Disney: Olaf's nose, for a little after-school snack.

Starting now, with more options being released throughout the movie release, you’ll be able to find carrots, apples, and oranges, as well as grapes (Walmart only) and frozen fruit pouches (Target only) with characters from the Avengers, Star Wars, and Frozen. My personal favorite: the carrot and ranch packs with Olaf on them. My kids will giggle hysterically at the idea of eating Olaf’s nose.

Look for these fruit and veggies at Target, Walmart, and select grocery stores nationwide starting now. Yay for healthy options that our kids might actually eat, even if it’s just because they have Elsa and Anna on them.