I just discovered @mariesaba on Instagram, which might be my favorite food art feed of all time. Because puns + food = the perfect entertainment. Marie uses pie dough (or are they cookies?) to shape letters that she pairs with food to play on funny sayings. A scroll through her feed will have you chuckling—it was such a fun way to start my day.

But, even better than just discovering a cool new Instagram account, Marie has set up a genius way for you to use her photos to make easy DIY food Valentines that are very punny, indeed. (And free, too.)

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Photos from @mariesaba on Instagram that you can download for free to make DIY Valentine's Day cards. Love! | Cool Mom Eats

If you hop on over to Marie’s site, Cocina Marie, she provides detailed instructions on how to print her photos at home to make 4×4″ Valentines on card stock that are absolutely perfect for the classroom. She’s even set up a dropbox folder where you can grab her pictures for free. Because she’s, “… just glad to see people having fun with these and spreading the love!”

How do we send Marie a Valentine? Because we’re feeling the love for her big time.

If you and your Q Tea are looking for a fun DIY project this weekend, this is the perfect one. You get to giggle at all of Marie’s smart play on words and easy, beautiful Valentines for the classroom are done. Check!

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You CRACK me up! Free printable Valentines from @mariesaba on Instagram | Cool Mom Eats

You're my BUTTER half! Free DIY printable Valentines from @mariesaba on Instagram | Cool Mom Eats

Be sure to follow @mariesaba on Instagram—because, look!—and also on Facebook and Twitter. Marie’s site, Cocina Marie, is not just a place for more cuteness (though there is that), but it’s also a great source of family-friendly recipes. And if you want both cuteness and family-friendly recipes, we’re loving her self-published book Let’s Make Magic with FoodSo fun.