Easter has the cutest food for kids, hands down. I mean, even carrots and peas look cute in the springtime. So, I’ve been scouring the Internet for fun and easy Easter treats that my kids can make, since they like to help (er, “help”) in the kitchen whenever we’re cooking a big family meal. And when I say easy, I mean it: I went on the hunt for recipes that they can make mostly on their own while I’m working on our brunch.

Oh, and I tried to keep most of the recipes (ahem) somewhat healthy, given all the candy my kids will surely be eating on Easter. That said, there are a few that break the somewhat healthy rule and for those, well, at least they’ll use up all that Easter candy!

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The Breakfast Bagel Bunnies at Handmade Charlotte (above) are about the cutest way I can imagine to start your Easter morning. And, healthy. Yay! I’d set the ingredients out with a photo to let my kids make their own. But if you’re the get-up-early type, you can surprise the kids with already made bagel bunnies when they wake up.


How fun would it be to wake up on Easter morning to these Bunny Oatmeal Bowls. Such an easy way to get festive! | Little Food Junction on Easter morning?

A big bowl of oatmeal will keep your kids full until the big meal, which (hopefully) means minimal whining about “when will lunch be ready?” while you’re cooking. This Easter bunny oatmeal bowl at Little Food Junction takes the cuteness factor way up, with some sweetness thrown in from the strawberries and, of course, chocolate.


A healthier Easter snack for the kids: These cute Granola Birds' Nests with Chocolate Eggs | Stacey Homemaker

Bake a big tray of this granola recipe at Stacey Homemaker ahead of time, and let your kids shape their own Granola Birds Nests with Eggs. They’re a healthy-ish snack to serve while your family is waiting for the main course to be ready, plus they’re just so adorable.


We're cracking up over this Peeps Race Cars tutorial video. Hey, it's a fun Easter treat that also helps get rid of that extra Easter candy. We're in! | SheKnow on YouTube

I’m totally cracking up over this YouTube video tutorial that shows how to make Peeps Bunny Race Cars at the SheKnows channel on YouTube. It makes for a funny centerpiece at your dinner table, and then the kids can just grab one for dessert when they’re done eating. (And, yes, this qualifies as a recipe that’s more about using up that extra candy than trying to be healthy, but you knew that already!)

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Even your littlest kids can help make this easy Bunny Bait recipe. What a great easy Easter treat! | Simply Kierste

Even your very youngest kids can measure and pour to make Simply Kierste’s Bunny Bait recipe, also known as “trail mix” to those of us who have caught all the leprechauns and fed all the reindeer we can handle in the last six months. You could add a few more nuts or dried fruit (and less candy) to make it a bit healthier for your tiny kids, but be sure to head over to her site to get that cute printable tag for free.


The best use of Peeps we've ever seen: Peeps S'mores. Boom! | Domestic Superhero.

Possibly the best use of Peeps ever, this recipe for Peeps S’mores at Domestic Superhero has us saying, “Yes, please.” Oh I mean, it has my kids saying, “Yes, please.” Because these snacks are totally for them. Ha!