Even the best food trends can be annoying, because oh my goodness we get it already. Still, I admit that I’m prone to jumping on the bandwagon. Cronutspoke, everything bacon: Many food trends are actually delicious and live up to the hype. But the latest, rainbow food, serves no purpose that I understand, unless, of course, you are dining with unicorns.

Maybe I’m a curmudgeon. After all, if rainbow donuts are thrilling enough that hipsters are willing to spend extra hard earned cash on them, then they’re likely to also make some children happy. Mine were split: The little one was curious, but the big one thought it looked gross. And, yes, we saw the (not so) elusive rainbow donut in person. He gets it from me, I guess.

It turns out, that rainbow bagels are just the beginning. What do you think of these rainbow foods: Delightful or disastrous? Inquiring minds want to know.

Top: Rainbow latte art by@ibrewcoffee on Instagram


The rainbow bagel that kicked off an entire rainbow food trend | The Bagel Store, Brooklyn, NY

Rainbow bagel | The Bagel Store 

The rainbow food that started it all: the rainbow bagel out of The Bagel Store, a small shop in (get ready for it) Brooklyn, NY. This bagel became so popular that it prompted the store to close down indefinitely. Don’t worry, it has since reopened and, yes, they still make rainbow donuts. Lots of them. Though I’m not likely to get one anytime soon, I have to give them props for the Purple Rain bagels they made the other day. If you’re curious for more, watch this video to see how rainbow bagels are made.


Taking the rainbow food trend to the furthest extent? Rainbow Pizza at Oh, Bite It!

Rainbow Pizza | Oh, Bite It!

The folks at Foodiggity found what I personally consider the most offensive rainbow offender, the rainbow pizza. I don’t often let her out, but the food snob in me is even more afraid of this recipe when you see what it’s made with. I just can’t. But, you know what? If you have picky kids or maybe you’re just more fun than me, I can see how you might. The directions are pretty easy, but I’d suggest that if you go there, you try grabbing natural pizza dough at your local pizzeria. Because, please, something natural here. Anything natural.


The rainbow food trend hits Hong Kong's Kala Toast: Rainbow Grilled Cheese | @hkfoodiexblogger on Instagram

Rainbow Grilled Cheese at Kala Toast | @hkfoodiexblogger 

Apparently, there is only one place in the world where you can get rainbow grilled cheese: Kala Toast in Hong Kong. I can’t imaging that will last long given how popular it’s already become. In fact, I’d place good money on the likelihood that rainbow grilled cheese will be served in the U.S. by the time I’m done writing this post. If you’d rather just make one yourself, follow the video tutorial on how to make rainbow grilled cheese from our friends at PopSugar.


A rainbow food trend item we can maybe get down with: Rainbow latte art coffee by @ibrewcoffee on Instagram | Foodiggity

Rainbow latte art | @ibrewcoffee collage at Foodiggity

Okay, if there’s one rainbow food—or, I should say, drink—that I might, just might, be susceptible to spending  money on, it’s this rainbow latte art coffee by Las Vegas-based barista, Mason Salisbury, aka @ibrewcoffee on Instagram. These are pretty. And it’s coffee. So, okay, I’ll bite—or, uh, sip.